Standing Rock Water Protector Camp Archive

    Wild Willpower began compiling this website following the release of attack dogs and the destruction of the Lakota/Dakota/Nakota ancestral burial sites on September 3rd, 2016.  This site and the behind-the-scenes casework will be finished shortly.

    The content throughout this site does not necessarily reflect the political views of any organization or individual mentioned throughout this website.  This site is being built into a publicly-accessible, user-friendly archive, logistical analysis, & “Redress of Grievances” which takes into consideration the historic and cultural context of the circumstances & people involved, the civil rights violations against Water Protectors, the illegally approved Dakota Access Pipeline Project (“DAPL”), as well as other factors.

    All content throughout this page is being presented by Wild Willpowerwithout prejudicefor First Amendment purposes while in alignment with the Constitution’s charter, The Preamble; the use of all such content is protected with regard to the Fair Use Index of the U.S. Copyright Office – see Fair Use laws for details.

Contents of Website:

i. Main Archive

2015 – August 2016 Archive

  • Early legal work & segments on the pipeline approval process
  • “Run for Your Life” Youth Runners run 500 miles from Standing Rock to Omaha to deliver Petition to Army Corps’ Colonel Henderson to urge him not to approve the Dakota Access Pipeline
  • Sacred Stone Spirit Camp is founded at the confluence of the Cannonball & Missouri Rivers, actions begin to stop the pipeline
  • Youth-led campaign builds momentum to raise awareness about the importance of protecting the Missouri River, the tribe’s only source of drinking water, from being polluted

Sept. – Nov. 2016 Archive:

  • Dog Attacks & Burial Site Desecration
  • Greatly Escalated Confrontation
  • Evacuation Order by Governor Dairymple

Dec. 2016 – Feb. 2017 Archive:

  • Winter Warriors Press on
  • Governments Enforce Hostile Evictions
  • Pipeline Construction Re-Authorized

March 2017 – July 2017 Archive:

  • Water Protectors robbed & Wrongfully Evicted
  • Internal workings of Paramilitary Ops by Security Firms & Law Enforcement Unveiled
  • Many cases against Water Protectors dropped

Aug. – Sept. 2017 Archive:

  • Lakota People’s Law Project promotes “All Charges Against Water Protectors Dropped” Petition
  • DAPL Files “Terrorism” & “Racketeering” Charges Against Organizations Involved
  • Eggink v. Trump moves forward

    This next section contains the same content as above, except that its neatly categorized:

ii. Archives Subcategorized:

i. Injuries & Personal Injury cases

ii. Native-Specific Rights Violations & Public Demonstrations:

iii. Involved Parties:

iv. Misinformation About Tribe &/or Water Protectors:

v. Courtroom Trickery against Water Protectors

vi. Cases in Progress:

iii. Historical Context

     The following history sections were rough drafts used to great the final version which will be available after we have filed in court:

iv. “Redress of Grievances”

     This section will be finished soon, & contains a “List of Reasonable Demands” that will provide people with the opportunity to sign so we can get the class actions moved forward.  Some of the “demands” can be found embedded among our platform, which has been adjusted since the time of our arrival at Standing Rock.  Please check back with this website & our other websites, as we’re preparing them daily to move the upcoming case forward.  In addition, there is a great deal of legal information being brought together on, as we are concerned with not only adhering to legal procedure, but also we are concerned with “leaving a trail” to help others learn how to build & file civil actions.

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This website is being compiled by Wild Willpower.

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