11-21-2016 (subcategories needed)

Video #1

Putting out the smouldering fire in field west of Cannonball

    Video footage of the same fire, (possibly set on purpose?) as Red Hawk reported, with a still photo (below)

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Oceti Sakowin Camp, Facebook – 1.09

Video #2

Demonstration in Bismark

    Demo in Bismarck, chanting: “Honor the Treaties, Tell the Truth”; walking along, more chanting “Protect the Water, Protect Mother Earth” & reaching the Federal building. Speakers sharing here for while, one speaking about being attacked & 200 people needing medical attention. (42) “Obama – do your job” !

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Thomas H. Joseph 2, Facebook, – 51:13


Video #3

One person being arrested on the demo in Bismarck.

    Footage of 1 indigenous brother arrested; Officer in a loud voice shouting “You need to start walking on or you will be arrested” Crowd chanting “Let him go” & “You are violent, we are peaceful”

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Thomas H. Joseph 2, Facebook – 13:15


Video #4

Demo outside the Moreton County Sheriff’s  Dept. “Police house” in Bismarck, some people are sitting on the path & the grass.

    Later some demonstrators are standing, some still sitting, & calling for the Sheriff to resign. Later still they are singing. Later footage of Water Protectors discussing a confiscated cell phone with a couple of officers.

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Thomas H. Joseph 2, Facebook – 16:16


Video #5

Footage of an African American woman being arrested, & released again. More arrests in the distance.

    1st arrest, possibly a case of mistaken identity, as another African American woman was more likely the one they wanted to arrest. Many more people being arrested, handcuffed / zip tied, sat down on the grass, then later led away.

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Thomas H. Joseph 2 – 27:26


Video #6

“The situation has deescalated since we were last here at 2AM. There are much less police as well as Water Protectors.”

    “Police had announced that anyone on the bridge can be arrested for trespassing.”

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Indigenous Rising Media, Facebook – 2:15


Still photo #1

Photo of smouldering fire in field west of Cannonball

    “2 hours ago a flash fire broke loose in a corn field just west of Cannonball. Oceti Sakowin Camp media were first to arrive on the scene to start trying to contain the fire. Within minutes the fire had spread hundreds of feet, and more protectors started to arrive to help. Upon investigation, we saw that the fire was deliberately started by a ball shaped item that was set on fire, and thrown into the brush near the field. With winds coming from the south, the fire was heading directly towards Rosebud/Sacred Stone. We tried our best to help contain the fire until local BIA and FD units arrived. Very scary moment for sure. Here is an image I captured of the turmoil.”

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Redhawk, No Spiritual Surrender, Facebook


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