2-25-2017: (needs labels)

Video #1:

      Digital Smoke Signals:  “BIA soft barricade”- they are not letting building materials into Sacred Stones.”

Video #2:

    ActivateNow:  “Soft Checkpoint being setup by Bureau of Indian Affairs right outside Sacred Stone Camp.  Here with Digital Smoke Signals

Video #3:

TYT Politics:  Police Rough Up Water Protector in Standing Rock”

Video #4:

    Digital Smoke Signals:  “We’ve been documenting the clean up effort of Sacred Stone Camp for the last week. This movement is not over, it is only just beginning to awaken the world.

    Special shout out to all the water protectors who allowed us to interview/film them while at camp. Thanks to Hibibi for the wonderful drone shots, Nate Peracciny for contributing yurt breakdown footage, & Digital Smoke Signals team member William Jerome for additional editing. Interviews, clean up documentation and Editing by DSS team member Teena Pugliese.”

Video #5:

   Johnny Dangers:  “Breaking News: BIA/Park Rangers have set up a checkpoint with barricades in the area north of the school in Cannonball for Sacred Stone Camp and 7th Generation Camp.

    Listen to the Teachings of #NoDAPL songs at the beginning of the video .
    Starting 14 minutes in I passionately explain the reasons Sacred Stone Prayer Camp needs to stay as a cultural camp!  This is a place of healing for all who come.  We learn how to live in harmony with the earth and with people of many backgrounds and cultures.  To break free form fossil fuels!

    Update: Chief of BIA says to Myron Dewey and Ed Higgins minutes ago 10:15AM CST they are setting up a “soft checkpoint” and “not allowing new camp materials in” to Sacred Stone Camp. People are currently still allowed both in and out.”


     On this day, a fascinating analysis of events by Alisha Ali Vincent was posted which included the minutes & analysis of the Cannon Ball District meeting wherein about 5 local residents who had not ever been to the camps strongarmed the meeting in order to demand the camps be closed.  


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