9 Federal Agencies Who Helped Suppress Water Protector Camps @ Standing Rock

1. Army Corps of Engineers

2.Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, & Firearms (“ATF”) 

3. Fish and game

4. Bureau of Indian Affairs (“BIA”)

5. Border patrol 

6. National Park Service

7. Federal Police 

8. Federal Bureau of Investigations

9. NSA



    Additional sources will be listed asap.  The aforementioned agencies were reported to have been present by Digital Smoke Signals & several other on-ground Water Protectors’ eye witness accounts.

– Law enforcement, military and agencies documented at todays actions:
United States National Guard
United Nations
Fish & Game (game warden)
Quinn County (South Dakota
Stark County (North Dakota)
Dane County (Wisconsin)
Williams County (North Dakota)
Minot Police (North Dakota)

Standing Rock Rising  

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