Demonstrations & Ceremonies:


  • Morton County Commissioners hold Meeting for seeking “Emergency Funding” to handle “Civil Unrest”
  • Cody Hall from Red Warrior Camp Testifies @ Meeting, then Addresses Public


  • 4 Early Morning Lockdowns
  • Prayer Walk from SSC to Desecrated Burial Grounds, Travis Harden leads AIM Song on Walk
  • Tara Houska Delivers Speech re: Why She Came to Standing Rock
  • Ho-Chunk Man Expresses Gratitude Around Sacred Fire


  • “Rise w/ Standing Rock” Micro-Documentary, Statements from Protectors who locked down, Ceremony @ Construction Site


  • Water Protectors March to Kelcy Warren’s House


  • Protectors @ the Mní Wičoni Healing Gathering stand in support of Relatives in Hawaii who go to court for Mauna Kea today


  • Waniya Locke presents poster designed by her aunt as Gift to Water Protectors @ Mni Wiconi Healing Gathering


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