2-16-2017: BIA Agent explains that Water Protectors will be given “30 Day Notice” if asked to leave, however instead Two “10 Day Notices to Vacate Premise” are Delivered, threatening to take any property left behind

     Toni Cervantes interviews David Little Wind from the BIA.  He suggests that “On a fractionated land, if there are 11 pages of owners – or 100 owners,” associated with the land that 7th Generation Camp (aka “Black Hoop”), each owner needs to say that (water protectors) have a right to be on the land.

     Cervantes questions, “and they haven’t done that yet?” 

      Little Wind responds, “No, they haven’t done that yet, & the tribe is part of that too.  Cervantes asks if BIA is planning to remove Water Protectors from the land, & he responds, “Not to my knowledge,” going on to state, “it would have to go through a process.  There would be a trespass notice from the tribe issued, & then the tribe would have so many days for you guys to have to leave, & then that would in turn be enforced by the tribe.  Cervantes then asks how much notice they would be given if they were asked to leave.  Little Wind responds, “I think its 30 days.”  Little Wind then confirms they would “be safe for at least 30 days,” and that if the BIA does set up checkpoints to “only let tribal members through,” Water Protectors will be able to get through those checkpoints to “get their belongings.” 

     Little Wind goes on to explain that because there are so many domestic violence & child abuse cases, and that there is such a problem with meth and alcohol, that “there won’t be a generation left to drink the water if that doesn’t change.


Two Notices of Trespass Delivered
One to Camp, One to LaDonna Brave Bull:

     Both notices are dated 2-15, but were delivered by hand  on 2-16. 

Notice #1:

    Delivered publicly to LaDonna Brave Bull at Prairie Knights Casino, & the other was served to Sacred Stone Camp security:

Download the PDF:  Letter from BIA to LaDonna @ Prairie Knights

Notice #2:

BIA Agents delivered aNOTICE OF TRESPASS, 10 Days to Respond!” to Sacred Stone Camp; letter threatens that if Water Protectors do not leave within 10 days, their personal property may be “seized, impounded, sold, disposed of, or used as evidence against them”.

Download the PDF:  “NOTICE OF TRESPASS, 10 Days to Respond!”

Digital Smoke Signals“Sacred Stones being served trespassing letter by Bureau of Indian Affairs assisted with BIA police.”

Aubree Peckham:  “Meeting with BIA And LaDonna Tamakawastewin Allard”

Allison Peacock:  2 photos of meeting:

Digital Smoke Signals:  “Live from Sacred Stone”

    Update regarding woman who was beaten by BIA agent on 2-4-2017:

Support Krow:  “UPDATE FROM THE SUPPORT TEAM:  After a recent bail reduction hearing, Krow was assigned a cash-only bail of $100,000. The stipulations of the judge require that the bail be paid in full. Even if the full bail is paid, it is likely that Morton County would refuse to release Krow. We are currently working with lawyers and legal teams in North Dakota and Wisconsin to figure this out. Donations to support Krow will go towards paying lawyers, commissary, postage, travel for supporters visiting Krow, and/or bail. Krow has stated that she wants the bail paid.”


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