10-17-2016: #NoDAPL Bismarck/Mandan Bridge Blockade, Officers Incite a Riot

Video #1:

   “Live Bridge Protest”At the Bismarck/Mandan Bridge, Water Protectors peacefully sing, chant, dance, and pray for #NODAPL.

Nicole Montclair

Video #2:

    “Televised Protests”:  Water Protectors march peacefully down public streets singing, dancing, and praying as they approach a line of law enforcement officials who direct them to stay behind a line of orange traffic cones. 

Ben Dupris


Video #3:

    “Bismarck Blockade“:  [We] proceeded down the street of Mandan starting at a bridge. I took Facebook live video of about the last half of the march, which ended at a line of riot police threatening to arrest Protectors for, I believe, (what they called) ‘inciting a riot’. – Jacob

Unicorn Riot


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