2-2-2017: (needs paragraph summaries)

Video #1:

Chase Iron Eyes Statement from jail

LPLP (video length 2:05)

Video #2:

    BIA, Fish and Wildlife, USACE, ATF, etc. insisted on entering Sacred Stone Camp (threatened arrests if anyone tried to stop them) and says that people must go off of the USACE floodplain lands at the bottom of the property.  Lorna comes into camp and interviews a few people after the “officials” left

– Lorna KnowsHisGun (video length 21:28)



Video #3:

    BIA, ATF, US Army Core, Fish n Wild Life, Tribal police inside Sacred Stone Camp Peaceful Prayer Camp

– Johnny Dangers (video length 16:52)



Video #4:

    Report of officials at Sacred Stone Camp – BREAKING: Army Corps, Police Inside Sacred Stone Camp 

– TYT Politics 7:44




Video #5:

Sacred Stone Camp Illegal entry bu BIA and Friends

– Withstand With Wolves 7:52



Video #6:

    Morton County/DAPL trying to cross over the river by Heyoka Camp in the middle of the night

Women’s Indigenous Media (video length 2:50)



Video #7:

    BIA and Army Corp of Engineers at Sacred Stone

Women’s Indigenous Media (video length 10:25)



Video #8:

     Jordan Witnesses ANOTHER Ridiculous Water Protector Arrest – Vanessa Castle

– TYT Politics (video length 10:34)


Video #9:

    Water Protector FALSELY Charged With Inciting Riot 

TYT Politics (video length 13:44)


Article #1:

Police and Army Corps at Sacred Stone

– BS Norell Blogspot




Links Not Working Listed Below; need to find:

Standing Rock Fight Continues

LPLP (video length 0:51)




  “Assessing the Assesors”

Women’s Indigenous Media (video length 14:51)



Creating Clarity from Chaos