12 Security Firms who Helped Suppress Water Protector Camps @ Standing Rock

  1. TigerSwan1
  2. Frost Kennels2
  3. Thompson-Gray, L.L.C.3
  4. 10-Code L.L.C.4
  5. G4S5
  6. Silverton
  7. Russell Group of Texas
  8. Per Mar
  9. SRC
  10. OnPoint
  11. Leighton6
  12. Bismarck-Mandan Security Inc.7

Source Links:

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2   Facebook Page, “Expose Frost Kennels in Ohio”: www.facebook.com/ChargeFrostKennels/

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6The Intercept, LEAKED DOCUMENTS REVEAL COUNTERTERRORISM TACTICS USED AT STANDING ROCK TO “DEFEAT PIPELINE INSURGENCIES” by Aileen Brown, 5-27-2017: https://theintercept.com/2017/05/27/leaked-documents-reveal-security-firms-counterterrorism-tactics-at-standing-rock-to-defeat-pipeline-insurgencies/

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