Water Protectors – Send Us a Copy of Your State’s Discovery

    You can contact the North Dakota Morton County State’s Attorney’s Office to request a copy of the State’s Discovery for your case using the following email address:

[email protected]

Things to include in your email:

  • Your case number.
  • Date(s) you were arrested.
  • Request “all data & documentation the State and County have in their possession”.
  • If you are currently out of state, let them know, & then ask them what the best way to get a copy of your Discovery without having to come in may be (i.e. by mail). If you send something by mail, send it by Certified Mail & keep your receipt as evidence.

    Once you’ve received a copy, we recommend uploading any videos via Youtube & setting the videos to “public” so anyone can view them so that we can embed them into the archive for First Amendment purposes, then send the link to [email protected] with STATE’S DISCOVERY written in all capital letters in the subject line (capital letters help to draw our attn: to the email so we don’t miss it within our usual flood of junk mail that comes in).

Thank You for Standing!

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