9-9-2016: Bismarck Capitol Grounds, Teen Runners, Official Legal Updates (MISSING LINKS)

Video #1:
    Youth preparing for Bismarck 

“We Stand” chant and signs from WInnipeg Line 3 walk

-Sarah LittleRedFeather  (video length 0:59)



Video #2:
events of the day.

Joye Braun  (video length 3:29)



Video #3:
     In Bismarck
reaction of youth runners.

– Sacred Stone Camp (video length 3:24)



Video #4:
in Bismarck

     Dave Archambault and others.

– Sacred Stone Camp (video length 31:52)



Photos and Videos:  

     Kandi Mossett‘s 19 photos and 3 videos from Bismarck.



Video #5:
of legal events of the day.

Dallas Goldtooth  (video length 12:35)



Video #6:
in Bismarck.

     Peaceful protestors/protectors in Bismarck.

– Red Warrior Society (video length 2:03)



Video #7:

      of day’s events – Dallas Goldtooth and un-named teen.

– Sacred Stone Camp  (video length 0:51)

Video #8:

     Tara Houska update.

People’s Media Project (video length 1:47)

Video #9:
Eel Dance

     Water Protectors doing Eel Dance in Bismarck:

(video length 1:14)

Video #10:  
Riot police

     Riot police showed up in Bismarck.

– We Are the Media (video length 1:18)


Video #11:
Police in Riot Gear

     Police in Riot Gear Stand Ready at ND State Capitol.

Rocky Hall  (video length 27:41)


Video #12:

      Spotted Bear Educates the North Dakota Police

Rocky Hall  (video length 5:03)



Video #13:
Youth Rally

      Youth Rally in Bismarck.

– Sacred Stone Camp (video length 18:09)

Video #14:  
Bismarck activities

     Video of Bismarck activities

Myron Dewey of Digital Smoke Signals  (video length 21:35)



Article #1:  

    Indian Country Today:  Moments After Judge Denies DAPL Injunction, Federal Agencies Intervene By Valerie Taliman

“…a change in process may be in order when it comes to how the courts and federal law view Indian land…Native peoples have suffered generations of broken promises and today the federal government said that national reform is needed to better ensure that tribes have a voice on infrastructure projects like this pipeline.”

(VIDEO LINK MISSING)Video #4:      Teen Runners Talk in Bismarck at capitol in Lakota.(video length 5:24)


D.C. Court denies injunction; DOJ, USACE, and DOI issue temporary stop-work request:

Standing Rock ST Vs. Big Oil page )


Creating Clarity from Chaos