2-17-2017: (Needs Paragraph Summaries)

Video #1:
    Video report of the day and status of camp 
– Seekjoy – Eoin Small 10:39


Video #2:
    UPDATE: Army Corp has stated at a later meeting at Backwater Barricade that the February 22nd deadline is flexible. 3 different phones, 2 mobile wifi hotspots, and our media team couldn’t get a live feed out. It appears live feeds were being blocked. Today, Water Protectors met with members of the Governors office, Army Corp of a Engineers, National Guard, Indian Affairs, and others on the middle of Cannonball Bridge, located between the Standing Rock reservation, and Army Corp land . Standing Rock Rising 

Video #3:
    How the State of North Dakota Honors Veterans’ Efforts
– OSC page 1:13

Video #4:
Dump Truck Almost Runs Over Three People Pt. 1
– OSC page 5:55

Video #5:
Dump Truck Almost Runs Over Three People Pt. 2
– OSC page 5:55



Video #6:
    Dale Ramsey, SRST, and SSC has been Robert FullBear made him leave (his uncle!)
– Johnny Dangers 9:29


Video #8:
    Bakken Oil Fields “Toxic Tour” Friday February 17th (Part 1) (Note: I use Missouri River & Lake Sakakawea interchangeably but to be clear the lake is a man made reservoir that was created as a result of the river being dammed. I also kind of jump all over as I distract myself by what I’m looking at as we drive lol! I’ll try to get better & be more succinct in future posts. Thanks!) Kandi Mossett 23:57 



BIA Blockade and Rights of Way
– OSC page


    Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe motion for Temporary Restraining order.

    The North Dakota Public Utilities Commission voted against the original route because if there were a catastrophic failure (pipeline break) it would have endangered the drinking supply for the cities of Mandan and Bismarck. Next best option? Next to Standing Rock. We said NO from the get go. But they proceeded anyway. Waste Win Young


    Meeting with Officials from the Governor’s Office
– OSC page


2/17/17 photo – So this is happening, as of around 2 pm today. Roadblock between Cannonball Pitstop and Oceti. They’re checking vehicles for incoming building supplies and not letting them through. It’s unclear whether they will allow food etc but we are doing a test run in a bit with a load of food to find out. We are allowed to leave with whatever we have in order to keep moving out.UPDATE: they are allowing food deliveries only. No firewood. I would guess that includes no propane either. – Jana Stone



Videos Not Working- need to contact owners:

    Interview with LaDonna
– Toni Cervantes 13:45


  Interview with Waniya Locke about bridge meeting
– Toni Cervantes 4:07


    Cannonball meeting and “executive session” about previous vote to have all camps leave Cannonball 
2/17/17 Swan (SR member, lives at SSC), upset, shares about not being able to change anything in the meeting
– Toni Cervantes 4:07

2/17/17 Roxanne Thompson and Marie Brown Standing Rock enrolled members speak about Cannon Ball District community meeting to discuss camps in SR. They were not allowed in the meeting. (Prayer song sung as well) – Good words for unity at the end
– Toni Cervantes 23:28




Testing the checkpoint between Pit Stop and camp (earlier, a sleeping bag was not allowed through) ​ – with verbal attempts at clarification on the statute that is not allowing them to bring sleeping bags in (south side of camp) — and they continue to prevent sleeping gear from going back through to camp!

– Angie Spencer 15:11


BIA Checkpoint at NoDAPL Camp (AND: Governor refused USACE request to move date back for camp “eviction”)- LRI 3:35
new south 1806 roadblock
– Toni Cervantes 3:40


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