6-20-2017: N.D. Public Service Commission unanimously approves Settlement with Dakota Access LLC re: Cultural Artifacts

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N.D. PSC unanimously approves agreement with Dakota Access LLC
by Allyssa Dickert, West Dakota Fox

Description: North Dakota Public Service Commission approved an unanimously approved an agreement with Dakota Access, L.L.C. on 6-6-2017.  One of the main complaints was transparency when cultural artifacts were found during construction.  The company agreed to create a manual with the state’s historic preservations office for managing unanticipated discoveries and route changes.  “This provides meaningful resolutions to these issues and it does so with certainty and it closes the cases,” said Public Service Commissioner Julie Fedorchak.

     DAPL also agreed to provide, pay and plant 20,000 trees along the pipeline’s route in response to the PSC saying too many were improperly removed.

     Public Service Commissioner Randy Christmann said, “I like the fact that in those areas that the third party inspectors have concerns that we are actually going to a 3:1 ratio instead of 2:1.

    The PSC says these actions hold the company accountable in fulfilling obligations to the citizens.

     Public Service Commissioner Brian Kroshus said, “This really is not as much as the monetary amount as it is about awareness and influeningey in future behavior.

     Kroshus says the settlement will cost the company more than $100,000. It’ll be a breach of contract if Dakota Access fails to comply by Dec. 31 of 2018 .

     The PSC originally requested a contribution of $15,000 from the company.

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