11-13-2016 (needs subcategories)

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“Protectors were hit with Pepper Spray and Tear Gas.”

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Eric Poemoceah, Facebook – 2:41


Video #2

“The Officers said if we crossed Highway lines we would be Arrested, so we Sing Off the Highway!!”

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Eric Poemoceah, Facebook – .33



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11/13/16 Front lines on the Eastside towards the pipeline, close to the Oahe Dam – Myron Dewey 0:12

11/13/16 Morning Update from Myron Dewey -Myron Dewey 14:49 www.facebook.com/myron.dewey1/videos/10104087280728619/​

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11/13/16 Sunday Updates, DAPL status between 1806 and the Missouri River

Creating Clarity from Chaos