2-9-2017: Needs summaries checked

Video #1

Army Corps called out for awful DAPL decision.

Summary – former Interior secretary, Sally Jewell says army is reneging on it’s commitments re the lack of an Environmental Impact Statement, which is unlawful;  the reporter’s opinions, with some sarcastic commentary,; he explains connected vested interests, says US is “not a democracy” & protests info for that day & the request for restaining order re DAPL from 2 tribes.    Subcategory – DA approval process

– TYT Politics (video length 12:36)

Video #2:

Drilling at the DAPL drilled zoomed in.

-Johnny Dangers (video length 34:21)

Video #3:

    Prayer, aggressive policing & antagonization in this Standing Rock dispatch.  As the conflict continues in North Dakota over the Dakota Access Pipeline, protectors’ prayers are met with severe force on the temporarily closed Highway 1806 bridge.

Washington Post article

Army is reneging on it’s commitments – Jewell


    Summary – Sally Jewell, former Interior secretary says army is reneging on it’s commitments re. Environmental Impact Statement, Subcategory – DA approval process



Barricade at Backwater Bridge – 10 photos.

-DSS Myron Dewey

Facebook post

Divest the Dakota Access pipeline efforts

Creating Clarity from Chaos