1-16-2017 #NoDAPL Archive (needs labels)

1/16/17 Backwater Bridge at Night – Why is the bridge not open?
1/16/17 (Backwater Bridge?) It’s a night of action! #PrayersUP #Solidarity – OSC 4:21

1/16/17 Backwater Bridge Poetry Slam – Peter Aaron Myhre 1:01

1/16/17 Got pegged in the eye about 20 ft away earlier by a rubber bullet… Harry Joseph Benedict

More Peter Aaron Myhre:








9:23 Tear gas and prayer song



0:31 More tear gas





1/16/17 (Live at the bridge) – Thiago Cross 5:18


1/16/17 That bridge is still blocked- Thiago Cross 0:19


1/16/17 Martin Luther King Day “2017” – Julian Rodriguez Jr. 39:28


1/16/17 Post from medic and healers council:
On Monday (1/16/17) night, a Morton County Sheriff’s Department snowmobile operator hit a water protector at high speeds. Our medics witnessed the impact, saw the police drive over the water protector, and saw the victim lay immobile on the ground. The extent of the injuries are unknown as our medics were not allowed to give this person medical care. When we approached the police line to offer aid, the police began to advance and fire on the crowd. We remain very concerned about this person’s health status.
These reckless and aggressive police actions follow a pattern of violence that Morton County Sheriff’s Department is employing. We are alarmed that this could be a new precedent if HB1203, which protects drivers who “accidentally” hit or kill pedestrians, advances in the North Dakota state legislature.
We ask that you keep this unidentified water protector in your thoughts and prayers, and we ask you to remain vigilant in your support of the hundreds who remain in camp. We are so grateful for all of the amazing Water Protectors who have come to stand with the Lakota and Dakota people.
Mitakuye Oyasin! Mni Wiconi!



1/16/17 Bridge or drillpad? Woman his by police on snowmobile: “This is not rumor: one of our water protectors was hit by a cop on a snowmobile…hard. Medics couldn’t reach her. Police called an ambulance and it appears that she has been transported off site. PLEASE, PLEASE pray for this young woman. Call the State of North Dakota Department of Heath and Morton County law enforcement demanding that she receive immediate care!” – Linda Black Elk



1/16/17 Backwater bridge – Teargas in the air – Jon Zeigler 1:29:25



NEW 1/16/17 law enforcement at action – OSC page 4:21



NEW 1/16/17 action on the Missouri River – OSC page 28:56



NEW 1/16/17 shooting at Backwater Bridge – OSC page 1:01:36



NEW 1/16/17 National Guard on the bridge – Julie Kurylowicz 21:50



NEW 1/16/17 more action at backwater bridge – Steven Jeffrey Chrisjohn 18:35.




NEW 1/16/17 Tear gas, prayers, water protectors, and police on 1806 – 16:23 shared by Jon Eagle SR.





NEW 1/16/17 Oceti Sakowin camp on Backwater bridge- 4:21.




NEW 1/16/17 Backwater prayer live video Pt. 1 – Cheryl Angel 2:02



NEW 1/16/17 Backwater prayer live video Pt. 2 – Cheryl Angel 1:42



NEW 1/16/17 Backwater prayer live video Pt. 3 – Cheryl Angel 3:02



NEW 1/16/17 – After some kind of gas at bridge – Mike Fasig 32:05

1/16/17 Prayer walk along river below the drill pad; teargas and rubber bullets were employed by (national guard?)
1/16/17 Police and National Guard Attack Peaceful Prayer Walk on Day of Action near DAPL Drillpad! We are now near the Cannonball River near the Drillpad! – Cheryl Angel speaks at 9:53-5:55 left in video (At Backwater Bridge at end) – Johnny Dangers 3:50:41



1/16/17 Out at today’s prayer walk – Julie Kurylowicz 31:51



1/16/17 Turtle Island; Rattler and Badger got arrested about 7 minutes in – Michael Markus



1/16/17 Rattler and Badger arrested – Mike Fasig 5:05
“This is why they have their shields and guns” (turns camera on about 50 scattered water protectors)



1/16/17 Right now on the Missouri River #PrayersUP Water Protectors – OSC 28:56



1/16/17 Action near the drill pad #NoDAPL – Kaelly Salazar 1:02:53



1/16/17 Drill pad action part 2 – Kaelly Salazar 1:57:04



1/16/17 (at dusk) Standing Rock … setting up camp on the drill pad …. – Jesus Wagner 1:06:05



1/16/17 Photo of shots at water protector with one leg – Kenny Frost



1/16/17 Ongoing action at the Backwater Bridge frontline. Steven Jeffrey Chrisjohn 1:01:37
NEW 1/16/17 Prayers and songs below the drillpad, along the river – Julie Kurylowicz 31:52



1/16/17 Jesus wagner – setting up camp on the drillpad – LRI 1:06:06




1/16/17 Prayer Walk Near Drill Pad – IRM 1:56:41



1/16/17 Frontline action: Prayers we offer in peace 4:13pm – Cheryl Angel / SSC 3:02





NEW 1/16/17 Drill pad action by Kaelly Salazar – 1:57:03.




NEW 1/16/17 action at the drill pad – Michael Markus 17:34.




NEW 1/16/17 Anti drone missile launcher by DAPL drill pad 4 photos, 1 video by Jon Ziegler


NEW 1/16/17 Below the drillpad – Officer concerned about safety, while another officer has weapon of less-tan=lethal weapon – Wo Pila 0:23


NEW 1/16/17 (pub. 1/17/17) A DAy of Action post-mortem – what have we learned? – 7 photos-( detailed reflections ) – OSC



NEW 1/16/17 (pub. 1/18/17) Protesters Breech Security Fence Near Dakota Access Pipeline Drill Pad – Morton County’s view 6:46



NEW 1/16/17 Prayer Stump and dapl footage – Cheryl Angel 2:33




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