2-23-2017: (Untransferred)

2/23/17 Oceti Sakowin / Oceti Oyate Camp Eviction Day 2
NEW 2/23/17 Activists cleared by police in riot gear, 47 people arrested – AJ+ video 1:17


2/23/17 They have four armed standing on the ridge behind Cheyenne River North as to excavators clear a path. Helicopters are flying low and I’m standing with Grandmother Regina – Aubree Peckham 16:16


camp with treaty stand folks, cops on hills and in road – Christopher Francisco 1:51 – 10:55am


2/23/17 Invasion of the body snatchers – north camp, treaty stand – videographer gets arrested – Christopher Francisco 1:10:00 – 11am

Ernesto Burbank’s videos, with righteous commentary:
2/23/17 Last stand Oceti Oyate – Ernesto Burbank 38:07 – 1:37pm

2/23/17 Again – Ernesto Burbank 11:54 – 2:16pm

2/23/17 Going up the hill as Rosebud Camp is raided – Ernesto Burbank 10:41 – 2:57pm

2/23/17 Song on the hill as Rosebud Camp is raided; arrest or harassment by tarpee down the hill? – Ernesto Burbank 3:04 – 3:12pm

2/23/17 BIA taking Dapl orders to take rosebud #nodapl , with some conversation – Ernesto Burbank 8:30 – 3:49pm

​2/23/17 Armed police and military are now inside the Oceti Sakowin camp. Around 70 water protectors are still holding their ground.- Story of elder grandma holding treaty ground, others protecting her – Honor the Earth, Josue Rivas 17:42 – 11:34am

; arrest of someone by sweatlodge – Honor the Earth, Josue Rivas 8:14 – 12:20pm

h, Josue Rivas 2:22 – 12:55pm

2/23/17 Looong line of police along the Oceti side of the river; IIYC interview w/ ? Charger – Honor the Earth, Josue Rivas 40:51 – 1:43pm

te of ND Video – ND Response.gov) 6:00

2/23/17 EXCLUSIVE: The SECRET About Dakota Access Pipeline Protesters – Admission that there was an undercover cop in the camp – iNewZ TV ( State of ND Video – ND Response.gov) 2:40 ####

2/23/17 ### Grandma Regina, Cheyenne River Tribe, changed the game. She gave us among the most magnificent nonviolent actions since King was assessinated. – James McGinley 9:57 – 11:05am

NEW 2/23/17 Oceti Oyate in government control, Grandmother Regina arrested by the sweat lodge – Johnny Dangers 24:38


2/23/17 Livestream In-Camp Arrests – Johnny Dangers 53:13 – 11:44am


2/23/17 Livestream of Police Action. Sixteen National Guard Humvees, ATF, ND Law Enforcement, BIA Federal Police and others have moved the blockade to the south of the Cannonball river. – LastrealIndians 3:30


2/23/17 Negotiations – Noah Michael Treanor 4:55 – 10:17am

2/23/17 Treaty Stand – Regina Brave talks – Noah Michael Treanor 2:44 – 10:32am

2/23/17 The time is now – Noah Michael Treanor 16:32 – 10:43am

2/23/17 Soon after, arrests along treaty stand line – Noah Michael Treanor 0:40

2/23/17 Jihan Hafiz reporting from occupied Oceti Sakowin – cops along riverbank – Reed Lindsey 1:13 – 1:34pm

2/23/17 Militarized occupation of Oceti Sakowin – cops by the river – Reed Lindsey 0:36 – 1:34pm

2/23/17 Oceti Raid heavily armored law enforcement and military vehicles – drone flyover – about the treaty stand – Stephanie Big-Eagle 15:25 – 1:32pm

2/23/17 Continued coverage of Oceti eviction – drone flyover – Ernesto commentary – Stephanie Big-Eagle 10:00 – 1:56pm

2/23/17 About to raid Rosebud Camp – Stephanie Big-Eagle 0:16 – 2:51pm

2/23/17 BIA Raiding Rosebud, seen from hill above camp – Stephanie Big-Eagle 44:02 – 2:52pm

2/23/17 Up-close and personal with BIA raid of Rosebud camp at Standing Rock- Stephanie Big-Eagle 6:59 – 3:36pm

2/23/17 Police rush the water protectors, arrests are made – Tawasi 0:20

2/23/17 North Dakota Highway Patrol says 33 #DakotaAccessPipeline protesters arrested this morning – IRM 17:06


2/23/17 Raw video: Police clear Dakota Access Pipeline protest camp. demonstrators. Heavily armed police from across North Dakota and three states cleared and closed the main protest camp against the Dakota Access Pipeline Thursday, making 46 arrests. – NDResponse and the North Dakota Joint Information Center 6:00


2/23/17 Live with Chase Iron Eyes. Chase Iron Eyes, an American Indian activist and a member of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, is live from Canon Ball, North Dakota after yesterday’s evacuation order by the Army Corps of Engineers and North Dakota’s governor. – The New York Times 32:02


2/23/17 (Pub. 2/25/17) Live at Oceti via Inspire Bank Exits – OSC 3:41:50

2/23/27 (Pub. 2/25/17) ReCap via Digital Smoke Signals – OSC 1:47

2/23/17 (Pub. 2/25/17) Live via Jameson Dargen – OSC 9:49

2/23/17 The Two-Day Siege of Oceti Oyate US Veterans. Regina Brave. Sacred Fires. Eyes Forward. – Wes Howard


2/23/27 Units Mobilizing Toward Oceti – Women’s Indigenous Media 3:12

2/23/17 Update of Militarized Police Forces – Women’s Indigenous Media 2:47

2/23/17 Update of Mobilization – Women’s Indigenous Media 7:10

2/23/17 Eviction Day 2: Split footage via Daniel Losey – Women’s Indigenous Media 3:59:36

2/23/17 Water Protectors Being Pushed to Cannonball River – Women’s Indigenous Media 8:17

2/23/17 More Water Protectors pushed towards river – Women’s Indigenous Media 8:41

2/23/17 Last Stand at Oceti Oyate via Ernesto Burbank – Women’s Indigenous Media 38:06

2/23/17 Last Stand – Women’s Indigenous Media 8:15

2/23/17 Bia coming into Rosebud 7:30

2/23/17 BIA enter Rosebud Camp, push water protectors out. They were accompanied by ATF, and other unknown law enforcement.
​via Kaelly Salazar – Women’s Indigenous Media 1:04:06

2/23/17 BIA HERE – Women’s Indigenous Media 4:16

2/23/17 Encroaching – Women’s Indigenous Media 33:58

VERY NEW (was in wrong place) (re-placed 4/9/17) – the following five OSC videos:

2/23/17 Zoomed In Pt. 1: Law enforcement, National Guard and agencies moving in to clear camp – OSC 6:16

2/23/17 Zoomed In Pt. 2 – OSC 17:42

2/23/17 Zoomed In Pt. 3: Law enforcement and National Guard circling camp moving North to South methodically – OSC 16:24

2/23/17 Zoomed In Pt. 4: They’ve circled from the southwest and there’s no chance to run – OSC 20:08

2/23/17 Zoomed In Pt. 5: WAS crossing river, Armored vehicles rolling up – OSC 23:32

Check link: 2/23/17 Chairman meets in Oceti to convince native grandmother to leave before cops come, water protector sneaks in backwater to film – Inspire Bank Exits 10:48

Photos and Testimony:
2/23/17 Just received an email from the North Dakota Joint information center with this photo saying they are moving into camp now. – ND Joint Information Via Augie White

2/23/17 Arrests in progress. The camp is being raided now. Look at how much militarized force they brought in for a small group of peaceful protestors. Remember folks this is all to shut down people fighting for their right to clean water, (more…) – Augie White

2/23/17 a relative with a sacred pipe at oceti has been arrested.. the pipe was forcefully removed from the hands of the carrier… Pray hard relatives… – Cempoalli Twenny 12:40pm

2/23/17 (pub. 2/24/17) Regina Brave: Standing Rock 2017-Wounded Knee 1973. Photo – Greg Grey Cloud www.facebook.com/greg.g.cloud/posts/10155071945763035
2/23/17 The revolution will not be televised – 4 photos of camp clearing – Jospeh Xan

2/23/17 Three photos from KFYR TV, via Lew Hastings

2/23/17 3 photos by Michael Frease:
1) Unci treaty stand arrest (not sure if he took photo) https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2034433790117249
2) How many cops does it take to check a tipi? https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2034261690134459
3) Military vehicles entering camp https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2034261693467792
2/23/17 – 3 photos of man praying with smudge as Sherrif points rifle at him, presumably before arrest – Nikki Wilkins

2/23/17 Raid of Oceti Part 1 – 24 photos – Rob Wilson


2/23/17 (pub. 2/25/17) A Closing Prayer for Standing Rock’s Oceti Sakowin – “It hurts to see everything gone. It hurts to be pushed back. This is treaty land. … And here we are — unarmed — facing an army in our own land.”- The Intercept 4:13

2/23/17 (pub. 2/25/17) Article w/ above video – A closing prayer for Standing Rock’s Oceti Sakowin – The Intercept

A Closing Prayer for Standing Rock’s Oceti Sakowin

2/23/17 Cops and such – Almost that time again. Looks like real guns this time. – 4 photos by Timothy Cominghay

2/23/17 (pub. 2/24/17) Today one of our Oglala uncis, Regina, was arrested. Here are her words after being released from jail. – Tunkawicasa Oyate 3:17
https://www.facebook.com/CampOfTheSacredStone/posts/1858814171074279​ ​
2/23/17 Militarized police, the National Guard, and US Customs have descended on Standing Rock with humvees and rifles to protect the Dakota Access Pipeline from unarmed protestors and journalists. – Brian Lis, via Unicorn Riot

​2/23/17 Sister is holding up her pipe. They are holding up live weapons. Religious freedom was great while it lasted – ‘all’ these years since passage of the 1978 federal American Indian Religious Freedom Act – Unicorn Riot https://www.facebook.com/StandingRockDakotaAccessPipelineOpposition/photos/a.136358853419589.1073741827.136321470089994/476903032698501/
2/23/17 (pub 2/24/17) Camp Invasion even includes 45’s buddies from Immigration Border Patrol circling in copters.
And still, the people stand and pray… – Unicorn Riot Stills, via Oshanna Katranidou

2/23/17 (pub. 2/24/17) Tearing down building and ripping tipis… – Unicorn Riot Stills, via Oshanna Katranidou

2/23/17 Cops Rush and Arrest Protectors as they try to cross the frozen Cannonball River to Rosebud Camp. – Unicorn Riot Stills, via Oshanna Katranidou https://www.facebook.com/oshana.katranidou/posts/10211402674000719
​2/23/17 Images from the front lines – OSC Raid – photo album – Veterans Respond


2/23/17 (pub. 2/24/17) Yes I can confirm the veterans who were arrested for standing beside Regina were throw to the ground were they were restrained by officers who sat on them using the full weight of their bodies to press their knees into the veterans neck which forced their faces into the cold muddy water present on the ground. Objections were raised to this behavior by water protectors present and the officers ignored them. I also saw a vet who slipped on the ice while cuffed left in a puddle on the ground for a long period of time. The officers used more force then was needed and their acions seemed designed to humiliate the veterans. These actions angered the water protectors who witnessed it but they stayed in peace and prayer throughout this confrontation. – Wes Howard

2/23/17 Photo of Ed Higgins, Press pass visible, getting arrested – no free press – Waniya Locke

2/23/17 Photos – Veterans, Elders arrested – mostly 2/23, some 2/22 – White Wolf Pack

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