11-16-2016 (needs subcategories)

Video #1

DAPL still prepping drill pad after order to stop –

    Night time drone footage of drill pad

sub category – everything drone related

Myron Dewey, Facebook – 2:27


Video #2

Filming from a light aircraft; engine noise, no commentary – “Flying over the fort of DALP… ” 

    Extensive footage of the Missouri River & DAPL installations  from a fair way up.

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Indigenous Rising Media – 13:44


Video #3

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. speaking to water protectors, he has been an environmental attorney for 30+ years. He stands firmly with Standing Rock and against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

    Robert Kennedy clearly states that the DAPL is breaking the law, & that DAPL will not benefit the American people, & will only benefit a few billionaires, like Trump. & North Dakota is aligning itself with a law breaking company rather than it’s own law abiding citizens. “I know what they are doing is illegal, it is a crime … “

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Indigenous Rising Media – 7:50


Video #3

Statement from Ladonna Brave Bull Allard about meeting with Bernie Sanders and his staff.

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Sacred Stone Camp 1:31


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11/16/16 1NTV Update Atsa E’sha – IRM 10:44

Shiye Bidziil films snooper helicopter at Mandan Airport

Creating Clarity from Chaos