Feb. 26-28 2017: Sacred Stone Cleaning Up ASAP, Chase Updates Following Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe’s Denied Injunction



Columbus Free Press: “Report from the ground at Standing Rock – Sunday, Feb 26” by Joe DeMare

Excerpt: The protest is not over.  There are still roughly a thousand protestors encamped surrounding the recently shut down Oceti Sakowin Camp.  Many are still in a state of shock after being removed from their ancestral land. The largest and most organized of the remaining camps is Sacred Stone.  “This is a new breed of warrior/activist. Mostly woman-led, they have suffered multiple arrests, physical abuse, and the privations of a North Dakota winter, but their spirit is unbroken. And Spirit is another important part of the culture of this camp. This morning at breakfast, an elder launched into traditional style songs he had written about the occupation. Elders are respected here, as are Veterans. The news in camp this morning is that the police have set up checkpoints on the road into Sacred Stone camp, possibly in preperation for attacking this one, as they did Oceti FULL ARTICLE.


  • Final Notice of Trespass Issued to Sacred Stone Camp
  • Road Block now aided by Morton Sheriffs
  • “Illegal Eviction” explained by Cheryl Angel


  • Johnny Dangers tours Sacred Stone’s Cleanup Process
  • Chase’s update outside the courtroom following hearing on Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe’s motion for a preliminary injunction that was denied



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