A Message to All Water Protector Camps

From Distance Everheart, Campaign Organizer of Wild Willpower PAC and Lead Architect of www.StandingRockClassAction.org.:

     I’d like to offer just a moment of hindsight to help YOUR camp in forming your very own archive that would have helped us build this website much more easily had we known this before:

1.) Have all media send ALL their documentation from each day to a single email address. This could simply be links to where they uploaded their video, article, or photos.

2.) Find someone to collect any local articles from each day & send them to that same address each day.

3.) When an author sends a video or article, have them include a 1-3 paragraph description of “what is occurring within the video.” You can look through our “Archives by Category” section to see how you might want to organize your content so that authors can also include any “category” their content might fit into.

4.) The person receiving these emails should organize the content from each day into a single page so that way everything is compiled very nicely and categorized for each day.

Not sure if you’ll use this, but if people do this from the beginning, it could really save a lot of work, & that way your memories & purpose will not get “lost” down Google & Facebook pages.

Blessings & best wishes,


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