8-12-2016: SRST Tribal Officials Arrested, Prayer Ceremonies, Desecration of Burial Sites

Video #1: 

  Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Chairman Dave Archambault and Councilman Dana Wasinzi are arrested after leading a protest in an attempt to block the construction workers’ path to reach the worksite that was placed on their ancestral burial grounds.  Morton County Sheriff’s Department ignored the fact that the tribe is on their own land & that they have the right to protest.

Megan & Shauna Long (video length 1:09)

Video #2:    

   Water Protectors at the Pipeline, law enforcement officers protecting oil company employees. Water Protectors passionately chant, “Who do you serve? Who do you protect?” The police continue to allow DAPL workers to break the law by constructing the pipeline on federally-protected land.  Elders play drums and sing while the youth attempt to educate the police force of their unlawful actions.  The video shows a map of the land, including where the pipeline is being planned to be built.  Construction work continues as protectors bear witness.

D.J. Moore  (video length 19:01)

Video #3:   

 “We are praying on the front lines while we watch the police start to set up more permanent structures, new speed limit signs and outhouses. We thank you for your support, please keep it coming and be here if you can.”

Waniya Locke (video length 2:10)


Video #4:

     Police arrest four peaceful protesters, while more stand their ground.  Water protectors shame the police for what they are protecting.  Police try to get people off the public road way.  Indigenous people continue to raise concerns about the pipeline breaking & contaminating their drinking water. 

– Waniya Locke (video length 19:23)


Video #5:

    Waniya Locke explains that the tribal people pray long and hard for our water, which is everyone’s water, & invites people to come join.

– Waniya Locke (video length 1:24) 


Video #6:

    Waniya Locke is on Hwy 1806 at Cannonball Ranch. She asks people to come help guard Standing Rock boundaries in a non-violent manner, because Dakota Access Pipeline mega loads have been seen carrying and unloading equipment. She urges anyone that sees DAPL mega loads to call police, and explains that DAPL have been banned from Standing Rock.

Waniya Locke (video length 1:40) 


Video #7:

    People are gathered peacefully singing and playing drums.

Waniya Locke (video length 0:12)


Video #8:

    People are gathered peacefully singing, dancing and playing drums. Some are crying out and waving flags.

Waniya Locke (video length 0:51)


Video #9:

    Continuation of the peaceful demonstration of singing, dancing, and playing drums. What looks to be construction vehicles can be seen in the background.  Waniya explains that the last time the Lakota people were united was 140 years ago. She says, “When you are united and working as a consensus together, miraculous things happen. Incredible things. Spirit moves.”

Waniya Locke (video length 4:40)


Video #10:

   Waniya Locke claims that the DAPL workers have found remains of their relatives, & asks for prayers and that DAPL should just leave.  Someone makes a speech in the background.

Waniya Locke (video length 3:25)


Video #11:

    Water Protectors are peacefully gathered at the dig site; Waniya Locke claims that DAPL workers have found remains belonging to Standing Rock. DAPL workers were told by Water Protectors that the dig was illegal and that archaeologists needed to be notified. Police arrive on the scene and begin arresting people that have no weapons and arms raised. They also handcuff a man sitting on the ground. The police were made aware of the illegal dig but continue to arrest the Water Protectors. Something that looks like bones can be seen on the ground at the dig site.

Waniya Locke (video length 5:31)


Video #12:

    A large group of Water Protectors join in unity and solidarity at a construction site of the Dakota Access Pipeline, singing and praying in prayer ceremony. An elder man expresses his gratitude for the Protectors that have come this way.

Waniya Locke (video length 5:48)


Video #13:

    Waniya Locke discounts various lies that had recently been spread in the rumor mill of the American media’s sensationalist ways.

Waniya Locke (video length 4:30)


Video #14:

    Water Protectors updating relatives and supporters after a long day of occupying the blockades and construction sites set up by the police force(s) and Dakota Access, LLC. She asks people to continue to support and send much needed monetary and supply donations. 

Waniya Locke (video length 2:10)


Video #15:

    Water Protectors gather at the Sacred burial site of the Lakota, Dakota, and Nakota People to hold prayer ceremony. They witness Dakota Access, LLC bring in equipment to begin desecrating their sacred burial grounds. The narrator of the video holds deep compassion for the police who are seen allowing this unlawful action to take place, but also notes that he holds them accountable for their actions.

Adam Elfers (video length 2:06)


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