10-6-2016: Caravans Encountering Police Blockades – Helicopter Patrolling

Video #1:
Action Caravan Met By Officers
 Red Warrior Camp (video length 1:02)

Description: Video caption reads: #NoDAPL Action caravan en route to pray at active work sites” met with military vehicles, over 15 police cars, dozens of law enforcement officers in riot-gear, private security, surveillance helicopter, unmarked cars. Law enforcement from at least three different agencies present; including Morton County Sherriff and MRAP from Stutsman County Sherriff.

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Video #2:
Drive By of Police Force
by Red Warrior Camp (video length 0:21)

Description: Video shot from moving vehicle; shows Morton County Sherrif SUV, another police car and a militarized police van with an LRAD (Long Range Acoustic Device) affixed to the top.

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Video #3:
Morton County Sheriff Reports
by Red Warrior Camp  (video length 0:30)

Description: Sherriff reports on work stoppage

Video #4:
Toxic Tour Summary Video

by Red Warrior Camp  (video length 5:52)

Description: Law Enforcement blockades the road identified in caption as Morton County Road 84. Several law enforcement vehicles present including a police van with an LRAD mounted and helicopter hovering over the area. Blockade begins with approximately 10 officers standing on the front line. That number nearly triples in the 6 minutes of this video as officers continually arrive.

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Video #5:
“Hopes and Prayers”
by Sacred Stone Camp (video length [lost-1min?])

Description: [no video]


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