Redress of Grievances

     As result of the illegal approval of the Dakota Access Pipeline Project, [1] [2] the following parties suffered various types of injuries to their legal rights, as well as direct injuries resulting thereof:

1. Standing Rock Sioux Tribe – injury to their legally-protected downstream water rights,

2. Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe – injury to their legally-protected downstream water rights,

3. State of North Dakota Taxpayers – $38 million spent to suppress legal protest of an illegally-approved project which violated the fiduciary duty of the U.S. federal government,

4. Water Protectors – various physical and nonphysical personal injuries caused subsequent to legally protesting the illegally-approved pipeline which put both officers and civilians in harm’s way,

5. U.S. Taxpayers – paid $10 million, without consent, to State of North Dakota for the purpose of unlawfully suppressing First Amendment related activity. [3]

WHEREAS thousands of U.S. Citizens legally protested the illegal construction of DAPL in accordance with the First Amendment, The Supremacy Clause of the U.S. Constitution, and Casus foederis with regard to our nation’s moral obligation to tribes and tribal nations:

THEREFORE we, the undersigned, have assembled the following “List of Reasonable Demands” to provide redress for our various grievances, as follows:

Of Pipelines:

Public Apologies, Exonerations, and Restitution and/or Recompense for All Injured Parties:

Ecological Restoration:

Education Reform:

Justice Reforms:


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