2-3-2017: Sacred Stone given Feb. 22 Deadline from Army Corps. to “Move Yurt Village off the Flood Plain”

    On this date, LaDonna Brave Bull, whose family owns the land where Sacred Stone Camp is located, received a 

Letter from Army Corps Colonel John Henderson – the letter instructs LaDonna that all structures & materials must be removed from the Cannonball River floodplain no later than 2-22-2017

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Map of Floodplain attached to Letter:

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    To Sacred Stone Camp, this letter translated into “move Yurt Village”, because “Yurt Village” was the section of Camp located on the floodplain.

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     Sacred Stone Camp Water Protectors worked diligently to move Yurt Village within the short deadline, & complied within the time limit.

Closeup of Yurts:

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Aerial View of Yurt Village:

Aerial View #2:

(orange line is a safety fence)



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