The “Cattle Slaughter” False Flag Operation

    On October 12th, the North Dakota Stockman’s Association released the following Press Release:

    On October 15th, Morton County Sheriff’s Department shared the following article regarding the “missing & slaughtered livestock” along with the following statement via their Facebook page (article is linked below- here’s the screenshot of their post):

Butchered and missing livestock reported near Dakota Access Pipeline protest camp

     This slanderous campaign sent out by North Dakota Stockman’s Association & participating persons being used to target water protectors appears to be a false flag operation in the making.  After all- the very first treaty violation against the Oceti Sacowin tribes (in 1854) got called “The Gratten Massacre” after several soldiers came out of their jurisdiction & onto Native American land.  Learn more about the so-called “Gratten Massacre” which helps explain what their slander campaign is really about: allegations, slander, & escalating situations. 

10/17/16:  Reports of “cattle found”:


Bismarck Tribune: “Livestock killings near protest camp gain attention” by Mikkel Pates



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