9-17-2016: 4 Early Morning Lockdowns, Prayer Walk from SSC to Desecrated Burial Grounds w/ Travis Harden leading AIM Songs, Tara Houska Delivers “Why I Came to Standing Rock” Speech, Ho-Chunk Man Expresses Gratitude Around Sacred Fire

Video #1:
Moonrise over Sacred Stone Camp
by Thomas H. Joseph II (video length 2:28)

Description:  n/a

Categories:  n/a


Video #2:
Indigenous Water Protectors Show Up Early in Morning to Lock Down to Equipment, Halt Construction
by lba10 (video length 6:56)

Description:   Construction equipment moving, Indigenous Water Protectors stand in front of equipment hollering “No DAPL! Not our water!” while beating drum in rhythm. One man climbs up the side of the heavy equipment & locks himself to it. A woman also locks her arm to the machine. Another male & female then run forward to climb the next pieces of equipment & lock themselves to it.  Construction worker walks past woman who locks herself to it, “Excuse me,” then grabs his hardhat & walks off.  Singing & drumming ensues during early morning sunrise.  Workers walk off from site.  Man filming explains that a group came to do this early in the morning. Construction workers walk around & take photos of the Water Protectors locked down to equipment.  The construction has been halted for today it appears.

Categories: Demonstrations & Ceremonies


Video #3:
Prayer walk from Sacred Stone Camp to Desecrated Burial Grounds
by Thomas H. Joseph II (video length 6:55)

Description:  A solemn sight of unity & memorial.

Categories: Demonstrations & Ceremonies, burial sites desecrated


Video #4:
Line of Water Protectors Walking to Site to Pray, Travis Harden sings AIM Song
  Travis Harden (video length 2:49)

Description:  Out praying – line of many people walking to site to pray, while Travis Harden sings AIM song.

Categories:  Demonstrations & Ceremonies, Burial Grounds Desecrated


Video #5:
Tara Houska Delivers Powerful Speech re: Why She Came to Standing Rock
by Our Revolution

Description: Tara Houska, who served as Native American affairs advisor to the Bernie 2016 presidential campaign, gave an incredible speech this week in Washington DC to let us all know why now is the time to stand with our Native American brothers and sisters.

Categories: Demonstrations & Ceremonies


Video #6:
Ho-Chunk Man from Wisconsin Expresses Gratitude to be at Sacred Stone Camp next to Sacred Fire
by Benalex Dupris (video length 1:21)

Categories:  n/a


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