September 2017 #NoDAPL Archive:


  • Greenpeace & Indigenous Water Protectors Respond to Lawsuit Accusing DAPL Activists of Eco-Terrorism
  • Reflections on the Pipeline Battle 8 Indigenous Activists


  • President Trump acknowledges opposition to Dakota Access Pipeline


  • Water Protectors March to Kelcy Warren’s House


  • Protectors @ the Mní Wičoni Healing Gathering stand in support of Relatives in Hawaii who go to court for Mauna Kea today


  • Waniya Locke presents poster designed by her aunt as Gift to Water Protectors @ Mni Wiconi Healing Gathering
  • N.D. Public Service Commission unanimously approves Settlement with Dakota Access LLC re: Cultural Artifacts
  • SD Representative posts ‘All Lives Splatter’ meme



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