Section viii – Further injustices occur at my 4-20-2017 appearance


  • I was switched judges to her Hon. Judge Gail Haggerty, & the moment I walked into the courtroom, she demanded I “shut off my phone”.  I held up transcript from my Arraignment along with a printout of several Supreme Court Rulings which affirm our “First Amendment Right to Film”, as well as a Letter I’d prepared for the Judge along with a copy of the MEDIA POLICY I was concerned may be used in order to abrogate my right to film the proceedings, & stated what I had with me & that “Judge Haskell confirmed my right to film the proceedings during my Arraignment.  I have the transcript with me.”  Her Hon. Judge Gail Haggerty told me that was a different Judge & regarding a different matter, & that it didn’t apply for this appearance, & that I had to either shut off the phone or be removed from the courtroom by force.  I shut off the phone & stated “My civil rights were just violated.”
  • Prior to approaching the stand, her Hon. Judge Gail Haggerty‘s assistant questioned why I missed my appearance on 4-18-2017.  I asked her where the Notice to Appear was sent, & she replied “Bodfish, California”.  I then informed her that my “Notice to Request Discovery” was sent to my mailing address in Fairfax, California, that my Notice to Appear on 4-20-2017 was sent to P.O. Box 298 in Cannonball, North Dakota, & that my Notice to Appear on 4-18-2018 was sent to Bodfish, California.  “I was sent three different notices to three different addresses!”  That is why I missed my appearance and almost missed this appearance had I not called in regarding my Discovery yesterday!  I held up a second letter I had prepared for the Judge which contains supporting evidence proving why I required a Continuance due to the fact my Notice to Appear was sent to an address I hadn’t Authorized & had never used.  (I’d stayed up most of the night preparing both letters).  The assistant went back into the Judge’s chambers presumably to explain the situation to her Hon. Judge Gail Haggerty.

“What happened” coming soon.


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