1-6-2017 (needs more content and labels)

1/6/17 You’ve helped us before and now we are asking you to help once more.

01/06 Chase Iron eyes: “People are staying at the liberated zone, Oceti Oyate, Oceti Sakowin, AllNations. North of the cannonball river is our Treaty territory. We own it, it is unceded. We have a birthright to be here, to hunt, fish, provide as nations do. It is going to flood so a relocation from low to high ground within the liberated zone is necessary. Some will leave. That is good. Most will stay because in our traditional dances you emulate the moves of a warrior: you can go forth, zigzag, and side to side if strategy is served but you cannot retreat. What would we retreat to? A life of indignity. We deserve our freedom, same as any other nation.”

01/06 Chase Iron Eyes : “You must assert your Treaty rights, your inherent authorities. We deserve our freedom. We seek what all nations seek, liberation. Thank you brothers and sisters. For all of you out in the world. This is it. This is our time. Come if you can, self sufficient warriors.”
~~Sha’tekaronhiàse : Fishing and hunting rights, their trying to keep us from eatin, if it can happen to me it can happen to you, Hotinonsonni and all the people of this turtle islandhttps://www.facebook.com/shatekaronhiase/…/1227019487386285/

1/6/16 Angry bird and Mike Fasig trying to talk to the cops

Same- coughing after gassing – 3:52


Creating Clarity from Chaos