Section IX- Additional Recorded Phone Calls on 4-23-2017 Confirm “the Only Mailing Address I Ever Gave Morton County Officials” was Fairfax, California

    This section contains more recorded phone calls, & summaries & transcripts of each call.

Call #1 on 4-24-2017:

Distance calls the South Central District Court at 11:00 pm.  Call Length:  1:30

Summary: Distance calls Burleigh County District Court’s Court Administrator to see when her trial is set for. She is informed that the trial has not been set yet.  Call 6 on 4-24 TRANSCRIPT- Court Admin, no trial date set

    Posted the following onto Facebook on 2-24-2017 at 2:20 pm:

     “Just called Morton County Clerk of Court (call is recorded so that I have evidence) & explained what happened regarding me receiving my “Notices to Appear” at 2 different addresses that I would not have Authorized for them to send mail to. I asked the woman where they got those addresses (the one in Bodfish, California & the other at PO Box 298 in Cannonball, ND), & she did a search to find out, but she could not come up with anything. She said: “The only address we have on file for you is from your Bond agreement- which says Fairfax, California. I don’t see any other addresses on file here.” I then asked for her name & employee number. She informed me her name is “Joyce” & that they don’t have employee numbers, & that they cannot give out their last names, & that there is only one Joyce in the office there. The time I called was 2:20 pm.”

More calls from this day coming soon.

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