3-1-2017: Eviction @ Sacred Stone Camp – BIA gives final warning, evacuates camp, no one may enter. LaDonna denied entry

Video #1:

     BIA SUV just went through Sacred Stone Camp and announced final warning: “BIA is taking over cleanup. Everyone should leave.”  There is now a hard blockade (not letting anyone enter) at the check point and Park Rangers.

Johnny Dangers (video length 4:42) – 10:42am

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Video #2:

     SSC under imminent threat of BIA raid.

Johnny Dangers (video length 3:05) 10:53am

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Video #3:

     Ladonna gives an update about the situation at Sacred Stone Camp and how the BIA and other federal agents are moving forward.

Honor the Earth (video length 5:32) – 10:55am

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Video #4:

     Last contact with the sacred fire.  Water Protectors cleared from tipi & told to leave immediately.

Winter Vojta (video length 7:40)

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Photos by Rob Wilson Photography:

   40 photos from just before the eviction of Sacred Stone Camp: coming soon.



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Photos by Leta Killer-Bailly:

    “Everyone is out of Sacred Stone Camp We just shared a meal at the casino. Everybody got out safely with only 1 arrest of a new guy I don’t know? We encouraged our camp to leave safely & peacefully because we are a prayer camp. Robert Eder stayed behind lastly with our Sacred Fire and came out peacefully.”  6 photos (coming soon)




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