9-22-2016: Myers’ Land sold to Energy Transfer Partners (NEEDS LABELS)

9/22/16:  Protest land sold to Dakota Access LLC


9/23/16:  Dakota Access, L.L.C. Buys Ranch near Sioux Protest Site

NBC News


9/23/16:  Waste Win Young – Backstory on Meyers land sale

9/23/16:  Sacred Burial Ground sold to DAPL



9/23/16:  “My heart is heavy I learned of the sell of Cannon Ball ranch I ask everyone to stand strong and be brave” LaDonna Tamakawastewin Allard Allard

9/23/16:  Attorney says DAPL land purchase violates anti-corporate farming law


9/18/16:  “We March in solidarity to honor prayer to our desecrated sacred burial sites that DAKOTA ACCESS PIPELINE HAD DESTROYED A FEW WEEKS BACK WHEN THEY HAD PULLED THE DOGS OUT!!


9/18/16:  Prayer and March

Dr0ne2bwild  (video length 1:11):

9/18/16:  Sara Long’s video of DAPL site and her subsequest arrest.

Sara Long  (video length 18:15):

9/17/16:  Out praying – line of many people walking to site to pray, while Travis Harden sings AIM song

Travis Harden  (video length 2:49):

Creating Clarity from Chaos