Teach Jurisprudence and Pro Se Litigation in All U.S. High Schools

      By teaching jurisprudence (the science of “the application of law”) and pro se litigation (representing yourself in court) in schools, when an officer violates a civilian’s rights, for instance, and the State chooses not to hold the officer accountable, instead of having to resort to protest or relying on expensive attorneys they cannot afford, Citizens will already know how to apply The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure to exert their “right to Due Process” and utilize evidence (rather than mere accusation) to prosecute the officer themselves.  This petition goes hand-in-hand with the petition to institute mandatory camcorders on government officials.

      Wild Willpower PAC is currently mapping the U.S. legal system on www.ReUniteTheStates.org, however this knowledge needs to be taught in schools in order to stop color of law crimes, courtroom abuse and fraud from happening. If you agree,

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     On May 1, 2017 a We The People Petition from WhiteHouse.gov will be embedded both here and within our Petition Drive.  Please be sure to read our petition drive and come back and sign this petition on May 1!

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