10-23-2016: Drone2BeWild’s Drones shot at 10 times

Video #1:

    Dr0ne2bwild’s drong shot at by DAPL Security – Drone shot at ~10 times.

–  Dean Dedman Jr., Dr0one2bwild (video length 3:24)


Video #2:

    Evidence of shots fired at drone (it is a federal crime to shoot down any aircraft or drone) with footage of shooting – with Dr0ne2bwild.

 – Prolific TheRapper (video length 1:05)

Video #3:

  Footage of illegal shot at drone.

Dr0ne2bwild (video length 1:40)

Video #4:

     Above videos put to song “Aboriginal Soul”:


  FAA says that it is a federal crime to shoot down a drone.

Lakota Country Times shares article by Kelsey D Atherton with Popular Science



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