1-5-2017 (needs labels)

’01/05 Informal Camp Meeting a/Tribal council
**Important clarification: This is not about closing camps!! This is relocation to safer space and clean-up. This is putting necessary attention on an impending logistical disaster, if not addressed right away.

01/05 Meeting Clarification Chase Iron eyes: “The Standing Rock Nation hosted a meeting with camp spokespersons today to 1. Urge & Help all to move to higher ground as it will flood, 2. Urge & help all to clear all debris from flood plane so it doesn’t float down river. That’s it.”

1/5/17 Veterans at Standing Rock, video from LPLP – LPLP 3:11



1/5/17 SRS Tribal Council meeting with Water Protectors, and Related Videos
1/5/17 Meeting of Water Protectors and Standing Rock Tribal Council – Angelo Sison 2:30:05

1/5/17 Standing RockST Council discusses the motions for Camps to leave! – Johnny Dangers ​39:19

1/5/17 Chase Iron Eyes and LaDonna BraveBull Allard – Johnny Dangers 35:40


1/5/17 Chairman Dave speaking – Safety is protecting the Water! – Johnny Dangers 11:54



1/5/17 Medics and Healers – Johnny Dangers 18:26

1/5/17 Chairman Dave speaking now –> Must Watch Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Council discusses the motions for Camps to leave! Safety is protecting the Water! #NoDAPL The Prayers are Powerful! 11:24am Johnny Dangers 11:54

​1/5/17 Movement Changes – Waniya Locke 4:41

1/5/17 A Headman rep speaks – Manape Hocinci Ga – John BraveBull 16:49

1/5/17 at SRS tribal council meeting – Jonah Hill 28:16


NEW 1/5/17 Standing Rock Tribal Chambers Update – Cheryl Angel 3:17

1/5/17- 1/6/17 Backwater Bridge – Michael Markus 23:01




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