10-15-2016: Distance Everheart Attempts Citizen’s Arrest on Commanding Officer, Several Arrests, March with Arrests, Officers Take Drum, Wopila Youth Run, Diversity of Jurisdiction Footage

Video #1:

     The following video compilation was compiled by John Wathen, & broadcast on 10/16/16 along with the following firsthand testimony:

    “10/15/16 I witnessed the violation of 1st Amendment rights of around 50 people on Hwy 6 Morton Co SD.  We gathered where police were obstructing a public highway.  We were stopped before any crime or action had occurred. They blocked the road and told us we were obstructing a public roadway so we moved into the grass where several people were arrested AFTER complying with the order to get out of the road.

    “One singer was arrested and his ceremonial drum confiscated.  The police used it as extortion by refusing to give it back to tribal people there until we agreed to leave.  They returned it and we left as promised but the damage to the 1st Amendment was already done.”

(video length 4:35):

Video #2:

   The following video was uploaded by Distance Everheart, founder of Wild Willpower, who was arrested by North Dakota State Trooper Badge #249 before being forcibly escorted into a van by Morton County Sheriff’s Officer who claimed his badge number was 5564:  militarized police block a public road, Protectors chant and drum.

    Ms. Everheart politely asks for the officers badge numbers and thanks officers for protecting them as they exercise their first amendment rights. An officer approaches the line with zip ties and a riot mask. Ms. Everheart cites the United States code Extortion Under Color of Law violated by the Army Corps of Engineers, placing officers and Protectors in harm’s way.  Article Six of the Constitution Treaty Clause and Common Law Prior Appropriations Doctrine are cited.  Lakota have senior rights to the land and water.  A citizens arrest of all DAPL workers is declared by Ms. Everheart for Criminal Trespass and violation of Protector’s Civil Rights. The highest ranking officer is requested to assist with the citizen’s arrest. The request is ignored. The right is citizen’s arrest codes are cited.  Warning to disperse is given by police, The officer’s badge number is requested before she leaves.

by Distance Everheart, Wild Willpower

(video length 18:54):

Video #3:

      Part from above video, about a minute later:  Militarized police continue blocking the road. The citizen’s arrest is announced again to other officers. Request for badge numbers is ignored.

by Distance EverheartWild Willpower

(video length 7:01):

Video #4:

    Further video of the impasse, as a small number of Protector’s stand in peace and prayer. Leaders tell Protector’s to step off the road. Police continue standing in the road.  Dispersal warning is given although the road is no longer blocked by Protectors. People who are not in the road are illegally arrested.

by Joseph White Eyes  (video length 30:20):

Video #5:

    Protectors are no longer in the road and are being warned to disperse, although they are not violating the law. Police continue blocking the public road. More illegal arrests are made.

by Lolly Bee  (video length 26:55):


John Wathen uploaded the following photos to his album ‘Day of Action 10/15/16’ on Facebook on 10/16/2016:

   Photo of the man acting as Commanding Officer, whom Distance Evereheart Declared a Citizen’s Arrest upon within the above video:



Video #6:

    Recap of the formation of the camp and events surrounding the illegal DAPL pipeline.

by Unicorn Riot  (video length 1:45:27):


Video #7:


by Red Warrior Camp  (video length 3:59):

Video #9:

   Police block a public road, Protectors declare victory for shutting down DAPL construction for the day. Sacred water is offered to officers. Prayers are made.  Marchers are asked to proceed to the police blockade to pray.

by Red Warrior Camp  (video length 13:18):

Video #10:

    Protectors march in prayer and solidarity.

by Red Warrior Camp  (video length 1:38):

Video #11:

    Police block a public road. Five protectors pray on the side of the road, observed by militarized police.

by LaRae Meadows (video length 8:59):

    Same video, broadcast via Standing Rock Rising:


Video #12:

    Protector films police who are not from the area.  Various counties and out of state officers are represented.

by LaRae Meadows (video length 1:01):

Video #13:

   Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Protectors’ Peaceful March Met By The Police State #NoDAPL  Protectors organize and begin prayerful marching. Leaders address police about protecting the marchers. Leaders declare victory and leave peacefully to avoid arrest.  Leaders remind Protectors that the police might abuse them.

by TYT Politics  (video length 8:21):

Video #14:

    Vehicle support films the peaceful march. Protectors march and sing, holding banners.

by Bucky Harjo  (video length 1:12:48):

Video #15:

    Press films the peaceful march and interviews Protectors about their intentions. Protectors explain that the construction has not stopped, although media has reported the stoppage. Media cuts feed when prayer begins.

by TYT  (video length 2:46):


Video #16:

    Water Protectors Demonstrate Near Standing Rock  

by TYT  (video length 1:00:44):

Video #17:

by Joseph White Eyes  (video length 11:21):

Video #18:

by Bucky Harjo  (video length 17:11):

Video #19:

    Water Protectors demonstrate at Dakota Access Pipeline

by TYT  (video length 19:13):

Video #20:

by Christopher  (video length 33:51):

Video #21:

by Bucky Harjo  (video length 20:01):


Video #22:

    Water Protectors Demonstrate By Dakota Access Pipeline

by TYT  (video length 11:40):

Video #23:

by Ancestral Pride  (video length 0:50):

Video #24:

by Bucky Harjo  (video length 22:48):

Video #25:

by Joseph White Eyes (video length 11:20):

Video #26:

    The following live video was broadcast to Facebook by Red Warrior Camp with the following text:

    “This is what the police call a ‘Riot’ when you’re Native:”

Wopila Youth Run

Video #27:

Runners on the road:  Youth Runners going strong on the highway.

by Myron DeweyDigital Smoke Signals  (video length0:31):


Video #28:

Wopila run- why is it important?  Thanking the Young Runners for supporting the cause and to tell the non-Native Relatives “thank you” for helping, and to see that the Youth are Leaders for this cause.

by Myron DeweyDigital Smoke Signals  (video length 0:49):


Video #29:

Flyover – Runners almost to camp:  Aerial footage with music, showing the Youth Runners and their vehicle support as they go toward the camp.

by Myron DeweyDigital Smoke Signals  (video length 0:36):


Video #30:

Flyover – Runners coming to camp

by Myron DeweyDigital Smoke Signals  (video length 0:14):


Video #31:

    Flyover – As the youth runners come into camp, wopila run hosted by the Oceti Sakowin youth and allies.

by Myron DeweyDigital Smoke Signals  (video length 4:28):


Video #32:

    Runners coming into the camp – Beautiful overviews at sunset, and moon over the water

by Myron DeweyDigital Smoke Signals  (video length 3:05):


Video #33:

    More footage of our incredible youth walking into camp after a 100 mile Wopila Run! 

by Atsa E’sha Hoferer  (video length 3:45):


Lockdown photo

by Red Warrior Camp

3 photos

by Red Warrior Camp


75 photos, including faces of police officers

by John Wathen


UN Observer photo

by Standing Rock Rising

3 photos “We are Peaceful – We are Prayerful – We are Determined #NoDAPL Law Enforcement is trying to shape a false narrative calling Water Protectors violent and charging people for “inciting a riot.” There was no riot and there is no violence on the part of Water Protectors. ND authorities are just trying to justify their absurd escalation of force.”

by Sacred Stone Camp

11 photos of today’s action

by Democracy Now!

1 photo of today’s action

by Joye Braun

Articles, etc:

14 arrested during another day of pipeline protests

by Bismarck Tribune

Over 300 people walked over 3 miles to reach the lockdown site and offer medicine and prayers

Written Documentation of Government Agencies Present:

– Law enforcement, military and agencies documented at todays actions:
United States National Guard
United Nations
Fish & Game (game warden)
Quinn County (South Dakota
Stark County (North Dakota)
Dane County (Wisconsin)
Williams County (North Dakota)
Minot Police (North Dakota)

by Standing Rock Rising  



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