10-17-2016: #NoDAPL Bismarck/Mandan Bridge Blockade, Officers Incite a Riot, Amy Goodman’s Court Case, Commentaries (NEEDS LABELS)

Video #1:
Live Bridge Protest
by Nicole Montclair
video length 13:41)

Description: At the Bismarck/Mandan Bridge, Water Protectors peacefully sing, chant, dance, and pray for #NODAPL.


Video #2:
“Televised Protests”:
by Ben Dupris (video length 

Description: Water Protectors march peacefully down public streets singing, dancing, and praying as they approach a line of law enforcement officials who direct them to stay behind a line of orange traffic cones. 

The Rez o lut ion will be televised#standingrock #waterislife #nodapl #amygoodman #democracynow #mniwiconi #

A video posted by BenAlex (@candywolves) on


Video #3:
Bismarck Blockade
by Unicorn Riot (video length 44:19)

Description:[We] proceeded down the street of Mandan starting at a bridge. I took Facebook live video of about the last half of the march, which ended at a line of riot police threatening to arrest Protectors for, I believe, (what they called) ‘inciting a riot’. – Jacob



Video #4:
Amy Goodman Riot Charges
by Fusion (video length 17:31)

Description: “LIVE  Morton County Courthouse in North Dakota: Amy Goodman, renown reporter from Democracy Now!, faces fabricated riot charges for covering #NoDAPL.

Video #5:

bSacred Stone Camp (video length 3:39)

Description: Live with Amy Goodman, Myron Dewey from Digital Smoke Signals, & Frejo.


Video #6:
“Live at Courthouse”
Sacred Stone Camp  (video length 8:46)


Video #7:

by Sacred Stone Camp (video length 10:14)

Description: West Coast Women Warrior Media Cooperative with Amy Goodman from DemocracyNow!.

Sacred Stone Camp

Video #8:

by Sacred Stone Camp (video length 1:20)

Description: LaDonna Brave Bull Allard making a statement at Amy Goodman‘s arraignment.


Video #9:

by Sacred Stone Camp (video length 1:39)

   Description: Amy Goodman rally.


Video #10:

by Sacred Stone Camp (video length 18:01)

   Amy Goodman rally at Morton County Courthouse.


Video #11:

by Sacred Stone Camp (video length 5:02)

Description: Protectors on site at the Morton County Courthouse in support of ally Amy Goodman, before she enters the courthouse.

Video #12:
“Right Now in Mandan”
by Sacred Stone Camp (video length 7:16)


Video #13:

by Sacred Stone Camp (video length 24:41)

   Description: In Mandan, Police Presence 


Video #14:

by Democracy Now! (video length 11:49)

Description: Breaking News! Judge rejects “riot charges” against Amy Goodman.


Video #15:

   Amy Goodman on the police State abuseCody Hall, Sara Jumping Eagle, Winona LaDuke, Tara Houska.  

Amy GoodmanDemocracy Now!  (video length 11:26):

Video #16:

   “What would you do to protect the water? What would you risk?

Johnny Dangers, Sacred Stone Camp (video length 0:30):

Video #17:

   Democracy Now!‘s Amy Goodman appears in court for being falsely & negligently accused of “rioting charges” while she was clearly utilizing her First Amendment Right.

The Young Turks  (video length 42:03):

Video #18:

   Amy Goodman is set to enter the courthouse at 1:45.  Police officer just issued first warning re: protectors “protesting” stating that anyone not located opposite of the courthouse will be arrested.

Sacred Stone Camp 


Video #19:

    Video on the #NoDAPL Bismarck Bridge Blockade

Unicorn Riot


Video #20:

   Myron Dewey turning himself in for “stalking” with a drone.  “Turning myself in to Morton County Sheriffs

Myron Dewey, Digital Smoke Signals  (video length 33:47):

Video #21:

   Myron Dewey after warrant was taken care of.

Digital Smoke Signals  (video length 3:55):



    Medic and Healer Council photo in support of Amy Goodman etc.


   Photo with Amy Goodman, Winona LaDuke, Tara Houska, SRST Chairman and Jodi Archambault Gillette – Winona LaDuke




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