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Video #1

Many Water Protectors arrested at Kirkwood Mall, Bismarck ND  for forming a prayer circle & refusing to leave on a busy shopping day, Black Friday, & on Private Property.

    Poor quality at 1st. Footage of arrests, masked police, many sitting down handcuffed, zip tied ? Kandi interviews various people throughout, 1 policeman appears to give a fake name; police follow Kandi & escort (?) her out of the Mall. She mentions undercover persons at 1 point. Those arrested get taken away in vans.

Subcategory –

Kandi Moffet, Indigenous Enviornmental Network Fb – 28:40

Video #2

Morton county and DAPL workers putting up razor wire on sacred burial grounds Turtle Island on ‘Black Friday’

    Drone footage, silent (?) good views … 

subcategory – ancestral burial sites desecrated / everything drone related 

Myron Dewey, Facebook – 6:02


Video #3

Morton county and DAPL workers have put up razor wire on Turtle Island. 

    Compilation video showing exactly where the razor wire has been put up with sub title commentary & music  –  Drone footage,

subcategory – ancestral burial sites desecrated / everything drone related 

Indigenous Rising Media, Facebook – 1:01


Video #4

Razor Wire enclosure on Turtle Island – compilation footage with some clips from Thanksgiving Day the day before. 

    DAPL workers build razor wire wall on native burial ground, Turtle Island – footage from the ground, showing canoes left behind the day before,  including footage of one being broken in half, commentator says: “this is army corps land” & he interviews an army Vet –

subcategory – ancestral burial sites desecrated 

TYT Politics, You Tube – 4:16


Video #5


One day after Thanksgiving, DAPL contractors fortify razor fence –

    Footage from the ground of workers attaching razor wire coiled fence to the ground around the bottom of Turtle Island.

subcategory – ancestral burial sites desecrated 

Unicorn Riot, Facebook – 2.17


Video #6

Turtle Island surrounded by razor wire, which has been put in place at the sacred burial site 

    Ground level brief footage of completed razor wire fence at the sacred burial site –

subcategory – ancestral burial sites desecrated

Rod Webber, Facebook – 0:32



Video #7

Standing Rock demonstrators call for a different ‘Black Friday’, with Madonna Thunder Hawk. 

    Compilation video with subtitle commentary asking people to change the focus of “Black Friday” from one of greed to making a stand against the ‘Black Snake’, against DAPL.  

Sub category – 

BuzzFeed News, Facebook – 1:18


Video #8

Standing Rock demonstrators gathered to protest during Black Friday shopping during the evening, at Kirkland Mall ?

    Footage from late night on ‘Black Friday’ in Bismarck. Scenes of Police violence & demonstrators being arrested. Police shouting at the Water Protectors to leave the ‘private property’ of the mall.

Sub category –

BuzzFeed News, Facebook – 2:00


Video #9

Erin live with a request for a  #NoBlackSnakeFriday 

    She asks that we divest from banks involved in DAPL & re-invest our money in protecting water today, instead of going bargain hunting. 

Sub category – 

Erin, Sacred Stone camp, Facebook – 2:35



Video #10

“Shooting holes in Water Protector boats”

    Footage from across the water, of “DAPL workers damaging boats & taking the footbridge away”, prior to putting up razor wire fences around Turtle Island?

Sub category –

Mykay Rajahdatken, Facebook – 2:40


Video #11

“At Turtle Island, watching boats being taken by officers of the law”

    More footage from across the water, of “DAPL workers removing boats & breaking up & taking the footbridge away”, prior to putting up razor wire fences around Turtle Island?

Sub category –

Mykay Rajahdatken, Facebook – 6:06


Video #12

Water Protectors join hands & gather for peaceful prayers at Kirkwood Mall, Bismarck on Black Friday.

    Police telling people to move back, threatening arrest if they don’t; 3.37 a woman handcuffed / zip tied, scuffles break out as more people are arrested, pushing & shoving, a clip of a crutch passed from one policeman to another on the floor … 

Sub category –

Andrew Kimmel, Facebook – 4:29


Video #13

Many people arrested at Kirkwood Mall, Bismarck –

    Police struggling with those arrested, “water is Life” chants & police saying “move”, the photographer is threatened despite showing his press pass; police saying “leave immediately or you will go to jail” a bit later, a woman is pushed over, 4.20, then the same woman set upon by many officers, during this, many people filming with their phones.

Sub category –

Andrew Kimmel, Facebook – 4:35


Video #14

More footage after exiting the Kirkwood Mall

    Some scuffles break out as police order people out of the Mall, many of the police are pushing & shoving people.

Sub category –

Andrew Kimmel, Facebook – 0:56


Video #15

Andrew’s testimony, from inside his vehicle, after his press credential got him threatened with arrest.

    He mentions the person with the crutches was forced to the ground & a policeman puts his knee against the back of this person’s head, & also that, having driven a little way away from the Mall, there are so many police he cannot pull the vehicle in where he wants to. 

Sub category –

Andrew Kimmel, Facebook – 3:00 


Article with photo #1

Turtle Island – “police officer sitting down, after hearing posted monologue in support of a change of workplace” 

sub category –

Redhawk, No Spiritual Surrender, Facebook


Article with photo #2

 A few days ago Anonymous took down the website of munition manufacturer Safariland. Today, Moront County Sheriff’s Department facebook page has disappeared.

    ” “I took down the website of the group selling anti-riot weapons to the police at DAPL. After what happened to that woman’s arm it is no longer acceptable for us to stand silent.” – @AzureDeadSec”

Sub category – 

Unicorn Riot, Facebook


Article with photos #3

Another Major Norwegian Investor Divests From Dakota Access Pipeline –

Sub category – 



Photo #1

“Great spirit, our steps are towards healing. The Bridge to Turtle Island “

    Single photo of people crossing the footbridge to Turtle Island on Thanksgiving Day

Sub category –

Josue Rivas Fotographer, Facebook 

https://www.facebook.com /josuefoto/photos/a.607797779232107.1073741825.451238564888030/1401232639888613/?type=3&theater​

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