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Various people sharing, ‘Free Red Fawn’ chanting & women linking arms.

    Voices of Standing Rock – “We want to walk together as one group and as one family to show the world that we’re here for peace.” (pub. 11/23/16) 

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Garrett Harrychin, Shailene Woodley, & Keytha Fixico – DAIS / RYOT 4:30


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11/18/16 (pub. 11/20/16) Many photos from Free Red Fawn action day – Bucky Harjo –


11/18/16 The IIYC is having an aerial view ceremony in support of our sister Red Fan. – International Indigenous Youth Council

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11/18/16 Standing Rock: Part One | The Turnaround: Your World in 360 – Huff Post 2:23

NEW 11/18/16 Today’s action at Standing Rock 11/18/16. Free Red Fawn! – Angie Spencer 1:06

Creating Clarity from Chaos