10-26-2016: Jesse Jackson and Mark Ruffalo at the frontlines; Harold Frazier meets with President Obama

   Video #1:

 Jesse Jackson in solidarity w/Standing Rock – leading chants and singing “We shall not be moved”  

by Tyisha Mitchell (video length 2:09) 


Video #2:

    Our Frontline with Reverend Jesse Jackson & Mark Ruffalo.

by Indigenous Environmental Network w/Kandi Mosset (video length 1:38) 


Video #3:

  Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe chairman, Harold Frazier meets with President Obama about the indigenous opposal of the four-state, nearly $4 billion dollar pipeline.

by Free Speech Radio News




Video #4:

 No Surrender, No Retreat.

by Wiyaka Eagleman (video length 39:13)



Video #5:

 Frontlines, highway 1806 Roadblock, raid update.

by Red Warrior Society (video length 3:59)



Video #6:

   The situation here is escalating quickly (more…)

by Unicorn Riot (video length 5:38)



Video #7:

  The water protectors were given an hour notice to disperse but chose to stand their ground.  

by Red Warrior Society



Video #8:

Dancing and Singing at Frontline Camp, good Medicine.

by Cempoalli Twenny (video length 2:55)



Video #9:

  We have confirmation that all is ok for tonight.

by Red Warrior Society


Video #10:

Frontlines, highway 1806 Roadblock, raid update.

by Kaden Jeray (video length 4:01)



Video #11:

#Nodapl Frontline Blockade

by Unicorn Riot (video length 30:49)



Video #12:

Front line with Rev. Jackson & the Hulk

by Thomas H. Johnson II (video length 13:22)

Creating Clarity from Chaos