9-25-1016: Hundreds of Prayer Ties attached to Construction Equipment, Beautiful Corn Planting Ceremony in Path of Pipeline, Low Flying Aircraft, Myron Dewey Trails Undercover Camp Infiltrators

Video #1:

     Early morning, hundreds of tobacco prayer ties placed on at least a dozen heavy construction vehicles so that employees must break by walking through them in order to get to work.  Narrator is explaining all this throughout video.  

Manape Hocinci Ga  (video length 3:26) 

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Video #2:

    Singing and praying while marching to site: “Mni wiconi! Water is life!  Mni wiconi!  Water is life!”

Travis Harden (video length 0:31)

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Video #3:

      Four directions prayer and chants marching to DAPL site.  Chanting to respect the water & to honor the treaties.

Indigenous Environmental Network (video length 17:49)

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Video #4:

      “Corn Planting Ceremony”: Planting ceremony on proposed DAPL site.  Indigenous people march into the path of the pipeline to plant a willow tree while chanting “Tree of life!  Tree of life!”  Woman speaks prayer while several people dig & plant the tree together.  Everyone celebrates once its in the ground.

Red Warrior Camp  (video length 2:26)

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Video #5:

     Praying and singing at Corn Planting Ceremony site with plant medicines, line to north, etc.  Everyone is carrying banners to honor the sacred land & respect the treaties & protect the water.

Canku Luta & Red Warrior Camp  (video length 12:12) 

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Video #6:

     Myron Dewey gives an update from behind a long caravan of Protectors & law enforcement. “We are watching, THE WORLD IS WATCHING!!!” “HP253” is the vehicle’s license plate in front of Dewey’s vehicle. About 20 minutes after driving with the caravan, Dewey attempts to ask a security agent “What is going on?” alongside the construction equipment, however the man walks briskly so as to not acknowledge Dewey’s presence.  Myron continues on, assessing the circumstances & engaging with people to see through indigenous eyes.

Digital Smoke Signals  (video length 35:42)

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Video #7:

     “Update @ ~ 11 am  Myron Dewey & an unidentified assistant in his vehicle trail a distance behind a line of security & state & local law enforcement vehicles.  At 21:30, on Highway 6 within the 20 mile buffer zone, they pull alongside a security vehicle.  Myron hollers, “Which way do we need to go to get out?”  After no response, they continue to drive.  The passenger notes, “Nebraska plates 15H D90.”  Myron drives, then backs up, then stops again by vehicle, asking, “We’re press.  Where can we safely be at?”.  

     Man wearing a badge (potentially Jason Stugelmeyer) exits his vehicle, leans into Dewey’s vehicle, & begins pointing, while stating,  “Get out of here.  You can safely leave – right now.

     Myron & his partner drive forward & reflect, at which point Myron requests people to “Come and witness what is going on here.  Officers that are outside their jurisdiction, operate on Indian land.  On broken treaty land.”  They then turn the vehicle around to return to the cluster of vehicles.  Several, Dewey recalls, are “from camp.” (he’s identifying vehicles of individuals who must be undercover agents).  They also recognize DAPL security.  A State Trooper approaches the vehicle to check in & make sure Myron is safe & not broken down.  Myron inquires about why all the officers are with DAPL security, & the he responds that “there was some vandalism to some equipment.  I’m just trying to keep the peace.”  After officer leaves, Myron looks around through the binoculars to see they are surrounded by security vehicles & DAPL employees, who then begin driving & following the officers’ vehicles along a construction road.  At this point Myron comments this is the most officers he’s ever seen.

Digital Smoke Signals (video length 44:02)

If the video doesn’t load, click here: www.facebook.com/myron.dewey1/videos/10103939804272619/

Video #8:

Category: False Reports by Officers

    Gorgeous traditional song.  Montage shows how the movement is truly built on traditional prayers & song, but how media is falsely conveying Water Protectors as “violent protestors.”

Indigenous Environmental Network (video length 1:19)

Video #9:

        John Wathen recaps the events of the day in this montage.  “We prayed & marched to the worksite. As soon as we arrived, the workers ran away.  No equipment was damaged – just shut down.  Recounts the speech “

John L. Wathen (video length 3:35)

Video #10:

   John Wathen reports about the shutting down of two sites, & that the caravan they’re driving in in the video “stretches for miles – over 100 cars.”

John Wathen (video length 0:20)

Photos by Red Warrior Society:

    Water protectors have taken it upon themselves to defend their indigenous rights and say:  “If construction continues daily, then action to stop construction will also continue daily.” 

Photos by Indigenous Environmental Network:



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