9-3-2016: Attack Dogs & Mace used on Water Protectors, Burial Grounds Desecrated, “We Remember Whitestone Massacre!” speech by LaDonna Brave Bull

Video #1:

West of Rte 1806, Dogs and Mace and Sacred Sites:  Water Protectors gather at the construction site of the DAPL.  DAPL workers are destroying the land while being protected by helicopters and security.  Water Protectors storm the construction site. Unlicensed security dogs from Frost Kennels released on Water Protectors as well as use of mace and pepper spray to drive them back.  Many Water Protectors are bitten by dogs even after security guards were made aware that dogs were biting them.    

Democracy Now! (video length 7:46):


Video #2:

 (Published 9/6/16) FULL Exclusive Report: “Dakota Access Pipeline Co. Attacks Native Americans with Dogs & Pepper Spray”:  reporting from a construction site west of 1806.  Location of site sacred to the Lakota Nation.  Water Protectors being thrown to the ground by DAPL workers.  Frost Kennels employees unleash pepper spray and dogs on men, women, children and horses.  Also included are several interviews with protectors involved.   

Democracy Now!Amy Goodman                        (video length 11:52):


Photo of License Plate:

Learn more about all Security Guards from Frost Kennels:

Expose Frost Kennels in Ohio Facebook Page

Video #3:

     Red Warrior Camp Water Protectors advance on a DAPL worksite to stop construction of the pipeline and the destruction of Lakota burial sites.  Many Water Protectors are pepper sprayed by private security hired by DAPL and/or bitten by dogs.  Prayers and singing at Oceti Sakowin follow. 

Nathan Wright  (video length 5:06):


Video #4:

     Includes clips from a variety of events, including: a tense confrontation between guards with aggressive dogs and water protectors; a warrior locking himself to DAPL machinery to halt construction; several statements from Linda Black Elk, in which she describes recent events in and around the #DAPL resistance; a musical performance; an interview with Cody Hall followed by a lengthy clip of protectors gathered outside of Fredrickson Law Office; an interview with Dave Archambault II in which he notes the growth of a movement of Indigenous peoples rising up against resource extraction across the globe; a ceremony of thanks in which a visiting tribe offers a gift to the Standing Rock Sioux; a short segment showing items that have been collected by the Bernie Sanders Brigade and will be donated to Standing Rock.

Sherri Jones(video length 59:50):

If the video doesn’t load, click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hFNGVLrj_Fc&t=0s

Video #5

    Tearing up mother earth:  Water Protectors continue to advance on DAPL work site, even after being pepper sprayed by DAPL private security.  

Red Warrior Camp (video length 3:02):

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Video #6:

DAPL turned back:  Water Protectors turn back DAPL and call for assistance after DAPL reaches highway 1806.

Red Warrior Camp (video length 0:15):

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Video #7:

Interviews and film of dogs and mace:  Water Protectors advance on DAPL as they continue to tear up the land whilst being pepper sprayed by DAPL security and attacked by dogs.  

Red Warrior Camp (video length 5:14):

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Video #8:

Shows macing, before dogs were released:  Water Protectors being maced by DAPL private security.

Nataanii Means (video length 0:19):

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Video #9:

    Violence Used Against the Local Indians:  Frost Kennels Security uses pepper spray and dogs against Water Protectors as they advance onto the DAPL work site to stop construction of the pipeline.  Elders address and thank the Water Protectors after pushing back DAPL.  

Rocky Hall (video length 22:03):


Video #10:

    Oil Company Uses Violence Against the Indians:  Interviews with Water Protectors who were pepper sprayed by DAPL private security.

Rocky Hall (video length 10:14):


Video #11:

     Be careful everybody!:  Linda Black Elk warning of the dogs and pepper spray being used against Water Protectors by DAPL security.

Linda Black Elk  (video length 0:13):

If the video doesn’t load, click here: www.facebook.com/lindablackelk/posts/1212501968812490

Video #12:

    Overview/summary of the day:  Water protectors were pepper sprayed by DAPL security as well as attacked by their dogs. 

-Myron Dewey of Digital Smoke Signals (video length 2:03):

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Video #13:

    Interview with guy who were sprayed by DAPL security.

-Myron Dewey of Digital Smoke Signals  (video length 0:51):

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Video #14:

    Interviews with Water Protectors who were sprayed by DAPL security.

-Myron Dewey of Digital Smoke Signals  (video length 0:37):

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Video #15:

    Live from the Barricade:

-Myron Dewey of Digital Smoke Signals  (video length 48:54):

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Video #16:

    Flyover video of the day:  Drone flyover of the destruction of Lakota lands by DAPL.

-Myron Dewey of Digital Smoke Signals (video length 1:13):

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Video #17:

    Longer Version of What Happened Today:  Water Protectors advance on DAPL as they continue to tear up the land whilst being pepper sprayed by DAPL security and attacked by dogs.

Jourdan Bennett-Begay (video length 8:25)

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Video #18:

   (Pub. 9/7/16):  Video from a distance of dog day:  #NoDAPL #WaterIsLife

(video length 11:38):


Video #18:

    Summary video:

-Myron Dewey of Digital Smoke Signals (video length 2:03):

Video #19:

    (published 9/17/16):  Tim Mentz‘s commentary on the destruction of sacred, federally-protected ancestral burial sites which occurred on 9/3/16.  Tim Mentz explains Sept. 2nd legal amended filing, what they found the previous week, and what was destroyed on Sept. 3rd.  Updated video includes additional information about intellectual property rights.  Coupstick of Strong Heart Society destroyed (very rare), and two stone rings and three half-rings were here, some destroyed  Today…. (they) totally destroyed one part of our society’s walk of life…”

(video length 9:26)


“Horse Nation Community Day”

Video #20:

    International Indigenous Youth Council Rally and March on bridge in Sioux City Iowa


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Video #21:


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Video #22:

    Interview with LaDonna Brave Bull Allard:

(video length 2:45):

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Article #1:

    (Published 9/18/16):  My Experience at the Front Lines in Standing Rock:  Kayla DeVault

    “Then we realized: they came here to destroy the graves before the courts could take action against them.”

My Experience at the Front Lines in Standing Rock

Article #2:

9/3/16:  Why the Founder of Sacred Stone Camp can’t forget Whitestone MassacreLaDonna Brave Bull Allard

Yes! Magazine



Link to several photos:



    Dug up corridor with helicopter

   Dude with dog:

(published 9/12/16): Born to Protect”:

Tomas Karmelo

9/3/16:  Dogbite on man’s stomach (INDIO tatoo):

OYATE Media Network 

   Ashley and her dog.


    (published 9/5/16):  Horses riding behind retreating trucks – Photo by Dell Hambleton, with posted quote: “After the events that took place at the construction site, I heard a young boy, no older than 7 years old, riding in the back of a pickup truck heading towards camp. His face lit up as he saw a young man riding a horse, face masked with a bandana, he said “You look like a Warrior”. 
    It made me wonder, what does a Warrior look like? Does a Warrior look like the images painted on our TV screens?  Does a Warrior need to be painted up ready for war?  Does a Warrior need to be holding a weapon?  No.. At that very moment I realized, a Warrior is what that young boy was looking at.  A Warrior is the young man that he saw riding his horse, protecting his land.  A Warrior is the men and women that are ready and willing to drive away those that are desecrating their sacred sites.   A Warrior is what that boy saw when his face lit up and said “You look like a Warrior”.

#NoDAPL for the love of the culture.”

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    Red Warrior Camp overview of the actions of DAPL on 9/3/2016 including an interview with Dale “Happi” American Horse, Jr.:  This video first shows a confrontation between water protectors and private guards who are armed with dogs. The protectors chant various phrases as they peacefully assemble, such as “water is life,” and “don’t come back.” The guards deploy mace, and one protector is shown having her eyes rinsed. The video then shows a meeting among the protectors. Finally, one protector explains why resisting the pipeline is a priority for him. 

DVincentW (video length 5:21):


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