Last Child’s Camp – False Arrests & Wrongful Evictions

     On February 1, 2017, seventy six Water Protectors were arrested on charges of:

     On  February 17, 2017, a judge dismissed criminal trespass charges against three pipeline protesters, citing that at least one of the following two elements are required in order to prove (prosecute) a criminal trespass:

  • The land must be posted (i.e. with a sign).

  • The [alleged trespasser] must be asked by an authorized person to leave. [2]

     Besides the fact that even the State of North Dakota recognizes that the land where Last Child’s Camp was located is “unceded Indian territory” [3], neither of the aforementioned requirements for proving a criminal trespass were met.

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      Water Protectors at Last Child’s Camp were wrongfully evicted by North Dakota state & local law enforcement officials.  Photo & footage by John Wathen:

Video #1:

     Last Child Camp Cleared, yellow helicopter owned by DOUBLE M HELICOPTERS INC flies overhead:

Video #2:


Video #3:

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