Water Protectors Blamed for Fires Set by Security &/or Law Enforcement Officers

Video #1:

   Water Protectors were blamed for lighting prairies on fire, & also for lighting vehicles on fire; the below videos prove they were blamed for activities they did not perform:

November 20th, 2016:

    Video of incendiary missiles being launched by security firms &/or law enforcement officials:

Let Your Soul Play (video length 9:16)

    Video : Standing Rock: Who Really Started the Fires on 11/20/16?

Let Your Soul Play (video length 3:51)

Water Protectors, John Bolenbaugh, at Standing Rock 11/20/16

Jason A White


Drone footage evidences the same:

Digital Smoke Signals (video length 10:50)


     Derrick Broze releases new video showing provocateurs lighting police vehicles on fire during a battle between NoDAPL protesters and police on the night of October 27, 2016. This video coincides with recent revelations that private contractor TigerSwan purposefully set their own vehicles on fire.

The Conscious Resistance (video length 15:35)

Creating Clarity from Chaos