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Video #1

Standing Rock Response to North Dakota Governor’s Mandatory Evacuation Order.-

    Actually starts around 10.30 minutes in; among others Ladonna Brave Bull Allard & Dallas Goldtooth are present. Some interference due to poor signal.

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Unify, Facebook – 45:09


Press Release #1

Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Chairman responds to Governor’s executive Mandatory Evacuation Order. 

    The following statement is from Chairman Dave Archambault II.

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Standing With Standing Rock website



Article / Poem #1

Poetic reflection of women at the frontlines – by Matylda Wiacek

    …”Tonight was the first ~ all women lead action to the front lines. I am honored to stand with my indigenous sisters and elders….”

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posted by Todd Swan on Facebook



Article #2

Ojibwe vet going up to the frontline – photo and post of what was said there –

    “… I am an Ogitchida, I am here to protect these people from you. I am a defender of the constitution. I came to see this for myself. I seen the rubber bullets, I seen the gas, I seen the attack dogs, I seen the water at freezing temperature. I seen the riot gear and the violence inflicted on so many U.S. citizens. I seen how you’ve been mistreating my people. I am the first of many warriors to come…”

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Zhooniya Ogitchida on Facebook


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11/28/16 Pictures of Morton County that had snipers pointed at the protectors donw below the hill. Drone2bwild sees everything in the sky!! So I drone in and catch em shooting the P4 multiple tiems with a shotgun. Video was live but facebook took it down.

Shiye Bidziil


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