76 State & Local Law Enforcement Agencies Helped Suppress Water Protectors @ Standing Rock

    The ACLU assembled the names of law enforcement agencies below from the Morton County Sheriff’s Department and from media accounts.  The Morton County Sheriff’s Department confirmed the cities & counties in North Dakota that sent officers as well as the 10 states that contributed.  Where there was a news story about a particular force, a hyperlink is included. Where there was mention of the number of officers deployed, the ACLU noted that number — though more may have been deployed later.[1]

    According to officials, officers were sent outside their jurisdictions using the Emergency Management Assistance Compact Act (EMAC), which was originally intended to be used for states to send emergency services to one another in case of natural disasters.  Article VI of EMAC reads:

ARTICLE VI. Liability
    Officers or employees of a party state rendering aid in another state pursuant to this compact shall be considered agents of the requesting state for tort liability and immunity purposes; and no party state or its officers or employees rendering aid in another state pursuant to this compact shall be liable on account of any act or omission in good faith on the part of such forces while so engaged or on account of the maintenance or use of any equipment or supplies in connection therewith. Good faith in this article shall not include willful misconduct, gross negligence, or recklessness.[2]

List of Agencies:

North Dakota:

1.   North Dakota Highway Patrol

2.   North Dakota National Guard

3.   North Dakota Parks & Recreation

4.   North Dakota Department of Emergency Services

5.   North Dakota Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation: Parole and Probation


6.   Beulah Police Department

7.   City of Bismarck Police Department

8.  Dickinson City

9.   City of Fargo Police Department (50 officers)

10.  Hazen City

11.  Jamestown City

12.  City of Mandan Police Department

13.  Minot City

14.  Steele PD

15.  Grand Forks City

16.  Williston City

17.  Rolla City

18.  West Fargo City

19.  Wishek City

20.  Watford City

21.  Grafton City

  1. 24.  Dunn County

    25.  Emmons County

    26.  McKenzie County

    27.  McLean County

    28.  Mercer County Sheriff’s Department

    29.  Morton County

    30.  Stark County

    31.  Stutsman County

    32.  Ward County

    33.  Williams County Sheriff’s Department

    34.  Grand Forks County

    35.  Divide County

    36.  Kidder County

    37.  Grant County

    38.  Bowman County

    39.  Benson County

    40.  Burke County

    41.  McIntosh County

    42.  Barnes County

    43.  Bottineau County

    44.  Logan County

    45.  Trail County


    46.  St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Department


    47.  Montana Highway Patrol (at least 10 officers)


    48.  Wisconsin State Patrol (at least 17 officers)

    49.  Dane County Sheriff’s Department (at least 10 officers)

    50.  Dane County Special Events Team (at least 3 supervisors)

    51.  St. Croix County Sheriff’s Department (at least 4 officers)

    52.  Rock County Sheriff’s Department (at least 5 officers)

    53.  Marathon County Sheriff’s Department (at least 4 officers)


    54.  Hennepin County Sheriff’s Department (at least 29 personnel)

    55.  Anoka County Sheriff’s Department (at least 6 personnel)

    56.  Washington County Sheriff’s Department (at least 5 personnel)

    South Dakota:

    57.  South Dakota Highway Patrol

    58. Pennington County Sheriff’s Department (12 officers)

    59. South Dakota Department of Criminal Investigation (3 agents)


    60.  Wyoming Highway Patrol (at least 6 officers)

    61.  Laramie County Sheriff’s Department


    62.  Nebraska State Patrol (at least 11 officers)


    63.  Lake County Sheriff’s Department

    64.  Schererville Police Department

    65.  Hammond Police Department

    66.  Griffith Police Department

    67.  Michigan City Police Department

    68.  Munster Police Department

    69.  Indiana Department of Natural Resources

    70.  Marion County Sheriff’s Department

    71.  Brookville Police Department

    72.  Porter County

    73.  LaPorte County

    74.  Jasper County

    75.  Newton County


    76.  Ohio State Highway Patrol (at least 37 officers)

    Video Evidence:

    Video #1: 

        Protector films police who are not from the area.  Various counties and out of state officers are represented.

    – LaRae Meadows (video length 1:01):

    Video #2:


        Myron Dewey (Digital Smoke Signals) questions South Dakota Highway Patrol officers why there are in Standing Rock.  Officer states “We’re just here to help maintain the Peace.”  

        Officers refused to disclose their names but said they were with “unit 414” under the authority of Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier.  Dewey asks if they have received cultural sensitivity training.  Officers replied they had not…

    Myron Dewey , Digital Smoke Signals



How Many Law Enforcement Agencies Does It Take to Subdue a Peaceful Protest?by Thomas Dresslar, Media Relations Associate, ACLU. 11-30-2016, located HERE:


Article, 4-17-2017:

Kasich: I sent Ohio troopers to assist with security at Dakota Access Pipeline

[2]  Illinois General Assembly, “INTERSTATE COMPACTS
(45 ILCS 151/) Emergency Management Assistance Compact Act” transcriptwww.ilga.gov/legislation/ilcs/ilcs3.asp?ActID=675&ChapterID=10

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