11-22-2016 (needs subcategories)

Video #1

Backwater Bridge, DAPL Security, and Drill Site

    Drone Footage “They are putting up a huge blockage with cement blocks”

sub category – everything drone related

Indigenous Rising Media – 0:41


Video #2

DAPL drilling site drone footage, commentary affected by wind noise 

    After footage of the site, a few minutes of the sun shining on the water, not easy to see any humans in any of this, even though IRM wrote:  “Live update of North Dakota’s Infamous Law Officials protecting their DAPL” !

sub category – everything drone related

Indigenous Rising Media – 6:04


Video #3

Clear footage of DAPL drill sites, pipeline trench, bridge, many vehicles & a large crane. 

    Drone footage with commentary. Brief view of helicopter over the drill site, “violating air space”. Vehicles & lights on the island.  Following the pipeline route. Drill site viewed much closer up. More pipeline route footage, views of communication tower & of a bridge, many vehicles & a large crane. Wind sound as well as visual interference. Sound cuts out towards the end.

sub category – everything drone related

Indigenous Rising Media – 9:32


Video #4

Press conference for Sophia Wilansky & other victims of state violence during police attack on unarmed crowd during North Dakota pipeline protest.

    Sophia’s father explaining how she may need up to 20 surgeries, & good summing up starting 27.35, the authorities have denied using concussion grenades – which is what is thought to have caused the damage to Sophia’s arm. “If anyone has any evidence of their use, this  would be most helpful.” 

Unicorn Riot, Facebook – 34:37


Still Photos #1

42 Front line photos at the Backwater Bridge from Rob Wilson Photographs.

    Night time shots of Water Protectors, riot police, lots of barbed wire coils & an armoured vehicle. 

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Rob Wilson Fotos, Facebook – 42 still photos


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