9-13-2016: #NoDAPL Rally in Washington, D.C., Lockdowns, Arrests (NEEDS LABELS)

Article #1:
Desmog: Security Firm Guarding Dakota Access Pipeline Also Used Psychological Warfare Tactics for BP
by Steve Horn

Description: G4S security firm work history


Video #1:
Tara Zhaabowekwe Houska introduction before drumming
by Save Main St (video length 12:19):

Description:  Tara Houska introduces Kaiwá drummers, a grandfather, father, and daughter, who sing a song about never giving up and new beginnings;  Gabrielle “They will appear, behold them…”



Video #2:

Description: Scan of crowd;  Tara Houska came from front lines of North Dakota to tell what is happening directly from the plains;  Kaiwá song;  Gabrielle Kaya


9/13/16:  Bernie Sanders’ support tweet.



Article #2:

Twitter Recap of Today’s Global #NoDAPL Day of Action
by Yessina Funes

Description: Tweets from around the globe in support of the no Dakota Access Pipeline day of action.


Lockdowns & Arrests


Tweet #1:
Lockdown on Pipeline Construction Equipment
by Unicorn Riot (video length 1:56)
Description:  Video of two water protectors on lockdown in solidarity against D.A.P.L.

Photos #1:
Two People Locked on D.A.P.L. Construction Equipment

Tweet #2:
  “Fresh-Laid Pipe
by Unicorn Riot (video length 0:22)

Photos #2:
Pipe Construction Continues
by Unicorn Riot

Description:  Three photos of laid pipe after temporary Federal halt on pipeline construction.

9/13/16:  Unicorn Riot Live Video before they were arrested:

(video length 14:51):

9/13/16 Lockdown photo – Unicorn Riot


9/13/16:  Arresting those trespassing, who stood with those in lockdown.

Red Warrior Camp  (video legnth 0:18):

9/13/16:  ND State Troopers in Riot gear, some w semi-automatic weapons.

(video length 0:23):

9/13/16:  Last person on lockdown taken away in white vehicle.

9/13/16:  Post-arraignments.  Hawaiian newscast.

Sacred Stone Camp  (video length 4:23):

9/13/16:  free the 23 retained without bail:

Cody Hall w/ Red Warrior Camp  (video length 3:13):

9/13/16:  Press release:

9/13/16 (9/16/16 published):  September 13th, twenty water protectors were arrested by North Dakota police (agency?) as Non Violent Direct Actions were taken against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

(video length 3.30):

9/13/16:  #NoDAPL  Construction Lockdown

Daily Kos (video length 14:51):


Videos not currently working:

   Washington, D.C. #NoDAPL Support Rally:  “More than a Movement”

350.org (video length 4:53):

Creating Clarity from Chaos