2-19-2017: (Needs Summary)

Video #1:

Women’s ceremonial Tipi is being set up in front of the Oceti Oyate Camp on Highway 1806 right now. MRAP Armored vehicle and 30+ Riot Police are at the new barricade threatening to arrest everyone on the road. Police not respecting of ceremony! 

– Johnny Dangers (video length 50:44)

Video #2:

Riot police w/ MRAP armor vehicle advancing on water protectors near Oceti Sakowin Camp during ceremony on Highway 1806. 

– Unicorn Riot (video length 1:04:40)

Video #3:

HolyElk Lafferty explains more about today’s ceremony on 1806.

– Activate Now (video length 21:34)

Video #4:

Tipi raising ceremony.

-Wenhniseriio Sage Isaac (video length 5:49)

Video #5:

Tipi ceremony -Part 1.

-Netizens  for Progress and Justice (video  length  1:21)

Video #6:

Harold Frazier, Cheyenne River Tribal Chairman, at Cheyenne River camp in Cannonball.

– OSC (video length 4:44)

Video #7:

BIA makes ambulance, red lights flashing, turn around 6:05 pm. Witnessing BIA Police blocking ambulance from using route to hospital.

– Remi N Alaina (video length 2:19)

Holy Elk standing in front the line of law enforcement to protect tipi ceremony participants.


Three Photos of tipi setup ceremony – Timothy Cominghay




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