Who approved DAPL, and which U.S. laws did they violate?

by Sondra “Distance” Wilson, founder of www.WIldWillpower.org

Dear Water Protectors:

    I know things were unfair and difficult at the water protector camps. Thousands of us stood together to speak up for clean water and indigenous rights that were being violated by an illegally approved pipeline.  Beyond rights, however, we were speaking up on behalf of long-overdue respect for indigenous people and for mother earth. Many of us, however, left robbed of our personal belongings while facing punishments for fabricated criminal charges.

   Water protectors were shot with rubber bullets, pepper sprayed, threatened at gunpoint, and falsely misrepresented by public officials bent on convincing the public that we were the bad guys.  We watched firsthand as camps become infiltrated by fake protestors working for the oil company or one of the many security firms who attacked us under the guise of “protecting the pipeline” (see documentaries Black Snake Killaz or A W A K E to learn more).

    Still today justice hasn’t been obtained for water protectors. I hope the information I’m releasing now will soon help change that.

My Work at Standing Rock:

    I traveled to Standing Rock and began compiling this archive/website following the release of attack dogs against members of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe on September 3rd, 2016. Upon arriving and researching the situation more closely, I began developing:

  • this website, which contains an archive of videos, articles, and photographic evidence of what transpired between 2016-17.  A team of volunteers wrote descriptions of each video.  Most of the archive is complete.  Due to lack of funding, some parts are not. The Facebook page StandingRockClasssAction.org Archivists contains additional content not yet included in this site’s archive.
  • a class action lawsuit on behalf of water protectors whose First Amendment activity was fraudulently misrepresented and violently interfered with by law enforcement and public officials;
  • an investigation into “which public officials approved DAPL, whether or not they had done so legally, and which laws they violated”. For the first time I’m making this information public as a downloadable pdf at the bottom of this page. There are a few more things I’d like to address, however, to bring this into context.

     Besides building the archive and compiling the lawsuit, I’ve spent years transcribing thousands of legal term definitions (from multiple law dictionaries) throughout www.ReUniteTheStates.org, then hyperlinking each term between each other in order to make the *extremely complex* U.S. legal system accessible to non-lawyers. Although I began building this site well before Standing Rock, it felt necessary to continue its development so that anyone reading the case can simultaneously learn the laws that apply; non-lawyers can follow the case themselves instead of relying on an attorney’s word who may or may have an unspoken conflict of interestwww.ReUniteTheStates.org also contains a simplified version of the Federal Rules of Procedure – in part so I could figure out how to file the case myself, but again so others can learn the system as well.  

    “The people of these United States are the rightful masters of both congresses and courts, not to over-throw the Constitution, but to over-throw the men who pervert that Constitution.

                            – Former President Abraham Lincoln


We Need a Strong Lawyer to Take the Case:

    While I worked diligently to prepare such a case, Wild Willpower was not financially supported enough to accomplish such a time-consuming endeavor.  That said, we are well within the statute of limitations for federal conspiracy cases: it is not too late for for a class action to be filed or for charges to be filed against the public officials who illegally approved the pipeline.

like to offer my sincere apologies.  While I did intend to file the lawsuit myself, I was unable to secure the funding to support the intensive work required to

The illegal approval process of DAPL mapped

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